Amelia Abreu, UX Night School

For humans, care is ubiquitous. Most of us perform and benefit from care on a daily basis, including operational care, companionship, child and elder care, routine assistance and accommodation. Technology has the potential to shape the way that we give and receive care, and the conditions in which the work of care is done. Yet, can we automate the crucial tasks of caring, and is it in our own interest to do so? Drawing on business cases and design research, this session examines care work’s impact across industries including healthcare, education, transportation and technology. How can we better operationalize ethics of care in order to design for privacy, security and trust? How can we design services, along with products and systems, to support care? In this interactive program, participants will be encouraged to draw on their own professional and personal experiences. Following the presentation, we will share and take part in brief design exercises to define and iterate design principles and outcomes to support and recognize care work.

About the Speaker

Amelia Abreu, UX Night SchoolAmelia Abreu (@ameliaabreu) is a Portland-based design researcher, writer, and the founder of UX Night School. She’s worked with teams at organizations like Nike, Intel, Mozilla and Microsoft, along with agencies, startups, and cultural institutions. She is a frequent conference speaker, the daughter of two schoolteachers, and generally geeky about how people learn (among other things). Her writing on culture and technology has been featured in the New Inquiry, Motherboard, The Hairpin and the BBC.

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