Hannah Scurfield, UX Design Research and Strategy for Spatial Computing, eBay

Understanding how humans will react and engage with new and emerging platforms can be challenging, particularly with smart and spatial computing. These types of experiences often depart from existing mental models of human-machine interaction and are often tricky to prototype. Traditional behavioral research methods often become less effective, meaning researchers need to experiment with new ways to gather learning.

Using examples from research into mixed and augmented reality experiences, we will explore these hurdles and discuss techniques for gathering insights when existing research methods prove inadequate.

Join this session to hear about experimenting with user experience design research techniques and how people interact with augmented and mixed reality experiences.

About the Speaker
Hannah Scurfield- May 1, 2019Hannah drives technology innovation by researching people, behaviors and culture. She works with design, development, product and business teams to help build products and experiences that people love. She has nearly 18 years’ experience in both research and design roles in the technology industry and an exciting 14 years spent working in the innovation labs of global technology leaders.

Her career has been focused on emerging platforms, from early mobile computing and the Internet of things to augmented and virtual reality experiences. A background in film, human-computer interaction and ergonomics prepared Hannah for experimenting with smart and spatial computing and her current passion: reimagining the traditional screen-based design research studio.

Hannah likes blank sheets of paper and big questions with no answers.

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