2011: Emerging Perspectives in User Experience

  • 2011: Emerging Perspectives in User Experience December 2, 2015 - To raise the bar for the field of human-computer interaction, we need committed leaders who are willing to push the envelope. But leadership is more than just making noise. It requires building influence through a combination of facilitation, diplomacy, and advocacy. To make progress, we must be able to bridge cultural gaps and align our […]
  • Be Part of the PDX Usability Hunt for World Usability Day, Nov. 9 &10 – November 10, 2011 - It’s time to celebrate the difference usability makes in our daily lives during World Usability Day on Thursday, Nov. 10th. To match Portland’s unique flavor, last year we developed a unique urban challenge: The PDX Usability Scavenger Hunt and it’s back by popular demand. With the theme of education for cultural change in mind, teams […]
  • Design for First Person User Interfaces-Luke Wroblewski November 2, 2011 - Following in the tradition of Command Line, GUI, and NUI interface paradigms, first person interfaces continue to reduce the layers of abstraction between the digital and the real. With first person interfaces we can allow people to interact digitally with the real world as they are currently experiencing it. This allows people to navigate the […]
  • Why It’s Time to Move Beyond the Usability Lab – Thomas S. Tullis October 5, 2011 - Usability labs and similar settings have served us well for 30+ years of research and practical study of human interfaces.  But it’s time to move beyond that and leverage the power of the web.  In the early days of computers, when users tended to be much more uniform, usability labs and their associated smaller numbers […]
  • In Defense of Eye Candy – Stephen P. Anderson September 7, 2011 - Graphics, eye candy, sexy interfaces— while these aren’t as seemingly strategic as a mental model or BCG Matrix, it’s time to stand up for these misunderstood elements. Aesthetics play just as critical a role in business as picking the right server or insuring your data is accurate. But here’s the catch:  it’s not about shiny […]
  • Fifth Annual CHI-Bowl – August 3, 2011 - It’s summertime in Portland at last! Dig out that bowling shirt and dust off the ball: on Wednesday, August 3rd at 5 pm CHIFOO hits the lanes at Hollywood Bowl, 4030 NE Halsey Street right next to the Hollywood Transit Center. See a map. Please join us at the Fifth Annual CHI-Bowl event to bowl […]
  • Making an Innovation Space – Will Reese July 13, 2011 - Game-changing innovation is accomplished not by mastering devices, but by understanding how the present is already transforming our lives in ways we don’t yet comprehend. “The future is already here,” said novelist William Gibson. “It’s just not very evenly distributed.” This talk will reveal local agency White Horse’s strategy for understanding and defining digital futures […]
  • Remote Research: Real Users, Real Time, Real Research – Nate Bolt June 1, 2011 - Remote research studies allow you to recruit subjects quickly, cheaply, and immediately, giving you the opportunity to observe users as they behave naturally in their own environment.  Nate will discuss how to design and conduct remote research studies, top to bottom, with little more than a phone and a laptop. Beginning in 2003, Nate led […]
  • Interaction Design in a Service Economy – Jamin Hegeman May 4, 2011 - Interaction design has played a strong role in creating better products and better experiences for people who use those products. However, the world is moving in the direction of a service economy. Most of the United States GDP comes from services. How can interaction design prepare itself for this shift?  In this presentation, Jamin will […]
  • Ethnographic Animation:  3-D Design for Marketing and Education – Kate Ertmann April 6, 2011 - Animation has proven to be effective at appealing to diverse consumers because people have a heightened emotional response to animation.  In this presentation, you will learn how animation can be leveraged as a key strategy in communicating human-centered research to decision makers, venture capitalists and customers.  Kate will present a comparison breakdown of the advantages […]

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