Date: December 3, 1997
Philip Tennyson, Helen Slack-Miller, David Stubbs —

You finally got your boss to authorize extensive usability testing but you’re not sure what kind of equipment to use.You’re staring at a huge pile of tapes with 50 hours of recorded data and wondering how you’re going to get the information from them without watching them all yourself.You know you’ve got the data but how do you organize it so you can use it? Not to worry. CHIFOO presents a team of experts who can help you drain the data swamp before the alligators bite.

Philip Tennyson, Immortality Video
Philip describes audio and video equipment you can use and provides advice on getting a clean, useful record of your interview, test, or focus group. He’ll present demos showing the clarity of different camera formats and talk about setting up for different situations to get the high-quality audio or video that you need. Philip promises to tell us about some inexpensive but exotic possibilities, too.

Helen Slack-Miller, Bristol Research Support
Helen runs a company that specializes in transcribing usability tests, interviews, and focus groups. She’ll tell us what we can do to make the tapes easier and cheaper to transcribe. Helen will also describe how she can code the information, making data analysis that much easier. Along with a transcription, she’ll can give you information on subject attributes, what screen they’re on, or what they are pointing to. She can report comments by categories for you as well.

David Stubbs, Consultant
David will explain what you can do with the transcribed data. Heâll talk about how you can sort and organize the data so you can make sense out of it and use it to make your products better. You’ll no longer have to rely on memory or quickly made notes to get value from the hours you spend interviewing and testing.