Date: May 4, 2005
Dane Howard, Microsoft Smart Personal Objects Technology, — Microsoft

How do you make everyday objects and interactions smarter? How do you design for awareness? Glanceability is a new word in the mobile vocabulary. It affects cognitive awareness and relates to the environment and situation (context) of everyday situations. The personal space is sacred, and so are the interactions and experiences that reside in this very important space. This presentation discusses some of the opportunities and challenges to design for increased awareness.

About the speaker
Dane Howard has been telling stories for 13 years. As a Senior Creative and strategist specializing in the practice of prototyping and product development, Dane has been creating strong strategic design directions that shape businesses, products and the teams that foster and build them. With a background in sequential media, he has focused much of his work on the creative process. Experience-based prototypes and serial thinking are the emphasis of his work.

Dane has worked with Directors of Design, Marketing teams and R&D labs, Senior Executives of Technology and CEOs. He has played a principal design and management role in developing key strategies and products for Microsoft, BMW, Major League Baseball, Avaya Communications, Quokka Sports, NBCOlympics, Alias/Wavefront and Disney. Dane recently authored Sharing Digital Photos: The Future of Memories—a book about sharing stories in a digital and connected world. He is currently a manager of design at Microsoft.