Designers Stop Learning Code;
Coders Stop Learning Design
Oct 4, 2017

A Better Solution to Improving Team (mis)Communication.
James Stone, James Stone Consulting

Most designers may have heard something like, "learn to code like your life depends on it". Some days it looks like everyone is searching for the mythical unicorn designer / developer. While individuals exist that cross disciplines, in general, this advice is misguided. Bad for you, bad for your team, and bad for your organization.

In this talk, James will explain why you should NOT learn to code. He will also explain why this is generally a bad idea and what you should learn instead. He proposes an alternative approach called Design Systems Engineering. This allows your team to focus and build on strengths rather than weaknesses.

In this talk you will learn:

  • Why you should NOT learn to code
  • How design intent can get lost in translation
  • What designers should learn instead
  • How to improve team communication
  • How to focus on your core strengths
  • How Design Systems Engineering will bring focus, clarity, and joy to your team

About the Speaker

James Stone, James Stone ConsultingJames Stone (@JAMESSTONEco) is an award-winning web designer and a top contributor to ZURB Foundation. He has written for UX Pin and ZURB University and is an Adjunct Professor of Art at Penn State's School of Visual Art. He has presented at TEDxPSU, Harvard University Extension School, and the HTML5 Dev Conference.


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