Why Designers Should Learn Business and What You Can Do About It
Patrick Neeman, icertis

Most designers may have heard something like, “learn to code like your life depends on it.” While empathy for the engineering process is important, and that mythical designer / coder may exist, in general, this advice is misguided. Bad for you, bad for your team, bad for your organization, and most importantly, bad for your career.

In this talk, Patrick will explain why you should not learn to code and instead focus on learning the in’s an out’s of business. He’ll cover:

  • Why most businesses secretly want designers to learn business
  • Why learning about business is a good idea for any user experience professional
  • What aspects of business are important to user experience
  • How you can take action to learn it in your organization
  • Where you can apply what you have learned to your current job, and your future jobs

About the Speaker

An Image of Patrick NeemanPatrick Neeman (@usabilitycounts) (mostly) in Seattle, Washington. He is currently Sr. Director of User Experience at icertis. He was Director of Product Design at Apptio, and Director of User Experience at Jobvite. After a complete redesign of the application, Jobvite received a Webby award for employment, and the Deloitte What Works award.

Previous experience includes working as a Social Media and User Experience consultant for Microsoft, building a User Experience team from 1 to 25 at a consultancy, worked on the prelaunch team at Orbitz, and the successful launch of several startup sites. And yes, he has been a Product Manager.

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Coding Is For Coders: Why Designers Should Learn Business and What You Can Do About It from CHIFOO Communications on Vimeo.