Date: November 3, 2010
Dwayne King — Pinpoint Logic, Gestalt Effect

Dwayne KingDesign thinking makes information and products better.  But why stop there?  Often, we address only the symptoms of society’s big problems.  Design thinking helps us see why problems happen, so we can create lasting solutions.  This talk will wake you up, inspire action, and give you blueprints for saving the world.

As leaders and thinkers in the world, we need to utilize the skill and expertise we have developed to reach beyond our profession to effect change on a broader scale.  When asked, “What are the boundaries of design?”, Charles Eames replied, “What are the boundaries of problems?”  We’ve reached a critical juncture in history—a point where it appears the wheels are falling off the cart, coupled with a newfound appreciation of design thinking, adductive reasoning, and lateral thinking.  As people leading this charge of thoughtful problem solving to make better products, interactions, and services, it’s time to lead the charge on solving problems beyond selling more products.

About Dwayne King
Dwayne is a leader in the design of information solutions and products.  Since 1995 he has led teams and designed elegant interfaces to complex systems for world-class clients including Stanford, Cisco Systems, Boeing, the US Army and the NIH.  Dwayne is a skilled architect, team leader, and innovator, delivering many pioneering firsts in the online environment, including real-time home loan applications, the first web-based high-resolution printing engine, and the first online credit report for consumers.

Dwayne is the founder of Pinpoint Logic, a design strategy company focused on creating fierce customer loyalty for their clients, and Gestalt Effect, a firm that helps enterprise organizations collaborate more effectively.