Date: July 18, 2000
Jean Richardson and Lisa Burk — BJR Communications, Inc. and Communication Works


It is said that conflict in an organization is inevitable. But conflict can also be good for an organization because with it can come growth and new ideas.

This interactive presentation will link successful conflict management with project success and creativity, examine how attitudes toward conflict influence the effectiveness of conflict management techniques, teach a four-step collaborative problem-solving process, and provide participants with an interactive simulation.


Jean Richardson has provided guidance in both hardware and software environments since 1990. Her interest in Conflict Resolution came from weighing the damage done to both products and people by unresolved conflict in the workplace. Her focus is on improving processes and delivering higher quality products in more humane working environments.

Lisa Burk has 18 years of professional mediation experience and 10 years as a workplace consultant and trainer in conflict resolution, mediation, diversity, communcation and conflict management system design. Lisa specializes in resolving complex organizational disputes and has trained over 5,000 people in these areas.

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