Date: January 6, 2010
Scott Berkun — Independent Author & Public Speaker

Scott BerkunIf you ever wonder why your wonderful ideas rarely get accepted or are compromised beyond recognition in meeting after meeting, it might not be your creative design talents that are the problem.  It could be your ability to frame, shape, and pitch your ideas effectively to others.

This fun, brutally honest talk, loosely based on the O’Reilly book Confessions of a Public Speaker, will give you everything you need to know to present, pitch, and sell your ideas so your world domination plans can begin.

In addition to the CHIFOO event, Scott Berkun will be making the following public appearances:

January 6, 9am – The AM Northwest television show on KATU Channel 2
He will also be in the Primetime show, which airs at 7pm on Channel 2.2 (without cable), Channel 302 if you have Comcast cable, or 464 on Verizon FIOS.

(First Thursday!) January 7, 7pm. Powell’s Technical Books, 33 NW Park – Book Signing for “Confessions of a Public Speaker.” This is a free event.

About Scott Berkun

Scott Berkun is the bestselling author of Making Things Happen and The Myths of Innovation. His work as a writer and public speaker has appeared in the Washington Post, New York Times, Wired Magazine, Fast Company, Forbes Magazine, and other media.  He has taught creative thinking at the University of Washington and has been a regular commentator on CNBC, MSNBC, and National Public Radio.  His many popular essays and entertaining lectures can be found for free on his blog at

It was a full house at our first meeting of the year with speaker Scott Berkun. Thanks to the Art Institute for hosting our standing room only crowd this night. And thanks to everyone who showed up. There was plenty of lively discussion before and after this meeting.