Date: October 16, 2001
Lisa Boleyn, Independent IA; Sabrina Jetton, Ziba Design —

Information Architecture may exist in many of our minds as a nebulous ideology applied using esoteric means. Sabrina Jetton and Lisa Boleyn clarify the enigmatic nature of the implementation of information architecture by describing information architecture’s deliverables and explaining how to interpret them.

Information architects Boleyn and Jetton will show how user scenarios, interaction flows, architecture maps, and storyboards can be used to develop final products.

They will also dissect storyboards (also known as schematics or wire frames) in depth by examining how they are put together, what is included on them, and how to interpret them. Examples of the deliverables will be included in the talk. Boleyn and Jetton will also discuss the future of making Information Architecture more concrete as a discipline by applying it to product design as well as ‘real’ architectural space.

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