Date: August 15, 2000
Jon Torrey — PRIO Corporation


Computer vision problems affect 70-75% of computer workers according to the American Optometric Association. Jon Torrey will discuss the problem of computer vision syndrome, (or CVS), its symptoms, who is at risk and what current treatment options are available. His presentation will include tips on visual ergonomics and how to prevent future problems.


Jon Torrey, President, CEO and co-founder, PRIO Corporation, has 20 years of management, marketing program development and product development experience for a broad range of companies in the high-technology arena and 15 years experience specifically addressing issues of computers and vision. Torrey co-invented the PRIO Computer Vision Tester, and co-founded PRIO in 1986. He holds eight patents on optical technologies. Torrey is currently Chair of the Computer Vision Task Force of the Vision Council of America.


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