Crystal Rutland, CEO and founder at Particle Design

The AI we are building today will hugely impact the future of how we live. And design is treated as an afterthought. What does it mean to keep user centered design at the forefront of machine learning science? What problems – specific problems – are we trying to solve? And what unforeseen problems might you be introducing? Answering questions that start with ‘who?’ and ‘why?’ can radically transform the focus and efficacy of our AI efforts. Ms. Rutland will speak on the power of empathy in the process of innovation as well as what we can learn from history about how to profoundly alter the way we approach AI as a design industry.

About the Speaker

Crystal Rutland is founder and CEO of Particle Design, a user-experience design agency that works with some of the world’s leading brands to help shape the future of how humans use technology. Crystal has worked with leaders across the digital world to navigate the intersection of technology, business and smart design for over 15 years, working with clients such as Intel, Samsung, Dreamworks, and Virgin Hyperloop One. She centers her vision and work on the power of empathy and its ability to allow technology to connect meaningfully with people.

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