Thriving in Chaos, CHIFOO 2017 Speaker Series

Thriving in Chaos:
Strategies for Good Design

Risk and business needs are where design projects start. While methods and objectives might differ, we all share the bottom line. Implementing the best designs takes more than specs and code.

Selling, negotiation, and response to risk are skills we need in real world. Delivering great user experiences in the face of organizational politics, market drivers, and IT constraints takes skills rarely taught in school.

How can business needs and strategic language best be translated into design requirements? How does good user experience design address threat and risk? How do trust and transparency in team communication impact ROI? Join CHIFOO for panel discussions, talks and workshops offering tactical know-how to thrive amid chaos.

There are three categories of focus in this year’s speaker series: Design for Security(Orange), Design for Growth in Business/Education(Blue), and Design for Health and Care (Green). Each category has been assigned a color so that it can be followed throughout the year more easily.

Please note: CHIFOO wants to make sure that each meeting is a great experience for everyone. If you need an accommodation to help you better enjoy CHIFOO meetings and events please let our CHIFOO Programs Chair know how we can help a few days prior to CHIFOO event.


2017 Speakers and Events