CHI 2016 Conference
Visual Analytics 101

San Jose, California

March 12, 2016

Loving HCI work but looking for something new?   Come and see if the world of visual analytics will keep you challenged.  We invite HCI researchers and practitioners to join us to learn about an exciting domain. Visual analytics encompasses data, algorithms, interactive interfaces and sense-making help.   Not only are there interfaces to design and evaluate but we have challenges in obtaining requirements, determining metrics for evaluating the utility of the software and constructing evaluations.  We work in domains in the sciences, law enforcement, intelligence analysis, health, and finance to name a few.  The course will be taught by Dr. Jean Scholtz, Russ Burtner, and Kristin Cook all from the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory in 2  80 minute sessions Tuesday AM May 10th.  Note that CHI 2016 is just down the road in San Jose.

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