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Bounded Irrationality: Supporting Users and Creating Community

Designing for Happiness
July 13, 2016

What does it mean to design for happiness? Based on a combination of design research and data science, this session will explore what makes people happiest when they use technology and what we can learn from that to design for positive outcomes.

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Let’s Pretend
September 14, 2016

To uncover the most common problems, designers must empathize with their users and come to know the spaces and times in which they move. In this interactive presentation, UX guru Carolyn and game designer Anna take personas and other empathy exercises to the next level.

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Designer Myopia
October 5, 2016

What if intelligence itself is artificial? We’ll spend some time looking at the reasons we behave the way we do, then break down some ways to let go of our over-developed, over-appreciated consciousness so we can become more empathetic and inspired designers.

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