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Tell Me A Story: How Storytelling Methods Help Create Better Products And Experiences

Big Story, Little Story
Jason Sack
November 5, 2014

Working the last couple years in a building full of storytellers, Jason Sack has learned how powerful narrative can be in creating great products and experiences. Selling an idea, creating a sense of drama, and maintaining engagement in an experience all stand to benefit from a better understanding of storytelling. Because UX people are uniquely […]

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Fieldwork 4 Human Computer Interaction
Sara Bly and Françoise Brun-Cottan
October 5, 2014

Thank you to our lively and engaged group of participants who completed CHIFOO’s pilot learning program Fieldwork 4 HCI! Students Alicia Navarette Amanda Frank Ann Marcus Barbara Holmes Chia-Hua Yu Christine Fisher Derek Keevil Jung le Han Katherine Stevens Sherri Koester Instructors Sara Bly Françoise Brun-Cottan Facilitator Clodine Mallinckrodt Fieldwork for Human Computer Interaction: A […]

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