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Tell Me A Story: How Storytelling Methods Help Create Better Products And Experiences

2013 : Quantifying Kick-Ass

We’ve heard it all before: “The next killer app.” “A technology game-changer.” “The future of computing: It’s here, and we built it!” In the field of User Experience, we’ve grown sadly accustomed to hyperbole, to the point where every product launch includes the promise that a company’s latest app, device, or operating system will revolutionize […]

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DIY Storytelling With Video
Julie Yamamoto
January 8, 2014

To kick off this year’s series on storytelling, we’ll try on a few constructs for size. In this discussion, we will review a variety of ways to structure narratives, from the common to the complex, paired with examples from our current digital environment. Attendees will have the opportunity to survey different forms of storytelling and […]

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Persona Stories
Whitney Quesenbery
February 5, 2014

Stories have power to add empathy and connection to our work. They can help us learn about people, culture, and context—why, when, and how our products might be used—and share this with a design team. Stories permeate UX techniques from user stories to storyboards. They come to full power when used with personas: the persona […]

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