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Using Your Head (Eyes, Hands Or Body):
Interacting With Things Interacting With Us

Behavior Change Systems for Healthy Living – John Weiss

John will present the creation of Behavior Change Systems for healthy living by exploring the following three essential areas:  (1) Theory—The Cognitive Psychology of Behavior Change, (2) Strategy—Systems Thinking Modeling (how you model ecosytems and values), and (3) Tactical—Examples of Behavior Change Systems (do’s/don’ts).

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Beyond the Buzz…Feel the Game with ViviTouch™ – Tom Kridl

Why do gamers who usually demand the most cutting edge technology still accept the primitive buzzing technologies that do not recreate the real feel of the game? They must have not yet experienced what ViviTouch can add to their gaming experience. ViviTouch enables a gamer to experience thousands of sensations in a versatile language of […]

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