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Interaction Leadership: Expand Your Sphere of Influence

Designing into the Path of Disruptive Technology – Eric Gould Bear

It is a modern axiom that disruptive technology sweeps through every market.  These are the so-called “paradigm-shifting” technologies that obsolete the existing offerings, markets, and technologies sustaining them.  Designers are often forced to choose between solutions that are right for today and those that pave the way for tomorrow.  What happens when designers get ahead […]

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Fourth Annual CHI-Bowl –

It’s summertime and the party you’ve all been waiting for is almost here. Dig out that bowling shirt and dust off the ball: on Monday, August 16th at 6 pm CHIFOO hits the lanes at Hollywood Bowl, 4030 NE Halsey Street right next to the Hollywood Transit Center. See a map. Please join us at […]

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Skill Building for Design Innovators – Steve Portigal

How can you broaden your sphere of influence within the field of human-computer interaction?  You can start by building your muscles!  Steve will take a look at some fundamental skills that underlie the creation and launch of innovative goods and services. He will discuss the personal skills that he considers to be “the muscles of […]

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Traversing Power Structures – Will Evans

To design interactions predicated on politics and power, you must commit to writing a narrative of human behavior mediated through time and space.  While great strides have been made over the last 40 years drawing on a rich history of cybernetics and human-computer interaction, existing models of interaction are limited in their ability to explain […]

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