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From Ideation to Innovation: The Role of Design Research in Crafting Great User Experiences

A Framework for Innovation – Jon Marshall

Originally designed to organize the fuzzy front end of new projects, the DC Cycle™ (an intuitive framework for moving toward well-researched designs and plans) has been elaborated over the past five years to greatly facilitate the innovation process, merging ideas and inspiration with context, opportunity, and customer needs.

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Half-Day Design Research Workshop with Brenda Laurel – Brenda Laurel

Participants will be asked to bring design briefs or general areas of interest. Together, we will look at several qualitative and representative methods and appropriate processes for each, discussing the value of selecting and deploying a variety of methods. We’ll also be using some improvisational techniques to explore various methods. At the end of the […]

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Design Research: Process and Provocations – Brenda Laurel

Those of us who use ethnographic research as part of our design practice are often plagued by criticism from our colleagues in the social sciences as well as those in the design field itself. Anthropologists lift an eyebrow at our seemingly cavalier use of their qualitative methods. Hard-boiled business types snort at our lack of […]

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