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From Ideation to Innovation: The Role of Design Research in Crafting Great User Experiences

Sketching Physical Devices – Matt Cottam

Date: September 4, 2008 Speaker: Matt Cottam — Tellart Matt will introduce participants to Sketch Tools, a robust toolset that allows relative technical novices to experiment, ideate, and prototype with Phidgets RFID, sensors, Flash, networks, and more. Participants will have an opportunity to work together to sketch, design, and build prototypes using a variety of hardware and software […]

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Design Thinking in the Field – Matt Cottam

Many design methods strive to help designers better understand their users’ needs, such as ethnographic research and participatory design. Matt Cottam has put these approaches to the ultimate test: while working on a project for the healthcare industry, Matt trained to be a certified paramedic, giving him a whole new perspective into the needs of […]

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Understanding the Multi-User Experience – Jen Young & Matt Arnold

Interactive presentations in the museum have the institutional goal of promoting forms of social interaction that enrich the visitor experience. To meet these needs, institutions are turning to multi-user, or group, interactive scenarios. Members of Second Story Interactive Studios will show how understanding people’s needs and tendencies—and the learning curve for people that must be […]

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