Doing Your Part to Secure the Future
Chris Berg, Firemaple Industries

Everyday we hear more about another big hack. First Target, then the DNC, then the NSA. Secure software and infrastructure seems impossible, so what can we do?

Come to this session to learn how to make security more accessible by making it part of the software and product development process. We’ll shave off the sharp corners of security through a discussion about process improvement, navigating the politics of building secure entities, and what you can do tomorrow to contribute to a more secure future for all.

About the Speaker

Chris Berg, Firemaple IndustriesChristopher Berg (@thechrisberg) is a consultant who has spent over 16 years supporting enterprise and startup software development teams as an engineer, architect, instructor, and advisor. He provides guidance to cross-functional teams to bridge the gap from financial success to mature product with security, architecture, and process improvement instruction and implementation.

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Bottom Up Security: Doing Your Part To Secure The Future from CHIFOO Communications on Vimeo.