Date: June 13, 2012
Tom Kridl — Artificial Muscle, Inc.

Why do gamers who usually demand the most cutting edge technology still accept the primitive buzzing technologies that do not recreate the real feel of the game? They must have not yet experienced what ViviTouch can add to their gaming experience. ViviTouch enables a gamer to experience thousands of sensations in a versatile language of feedback in the palm of the hand. This allows game developers to change the way that their games interact with the gamer.

Tom will present the exciting consumer reactions from the recent introduction of this technology to gamers and game developers. A case study of the Mophie Pulse gaming case that turns the iPod Touch into a gaming platform with a rumble experience that surpasses console controllers will also be presented. Tom will introduce how game developers can enable gamers to truly experience ViviTouch for iOS, Android, and other platforms by using available design guides and SDKs.

User experience designers can use this innovative technology to communicate useful information through the sense of touch, such as who is calling or messaging, or enabling a user to feel different parts of their screen, to even potentially enable sightless typing on a touch screen. ViviTouch can become a new tool for user experience designers to integrate to create truly innovative user interfaces.

Tom joined AMI in September 2007 as Vice President of Engineering. Prior to AMI, Tom was the Engineering Program Manager for Skypilot Networks, a developer of low cost / high volume wireless infrastructure products. Prior to Skypilot, he held senior management positions in engineering and project management for several companies, including Intel, Raychem, Ericsson Fiber, WaveSplitter, and Siros Technologies. Tom has led the development of numerous successful products and projects in the wireless, LCD display, data storage, and fiber optic industries.

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Beyond the Buzz…Feel the Game with ViviTouch™ from CHIFOO Communications on Vimeo.