CHIFOO Past Events

Below is a list of all past CHIFOO events and themes.

2019 Speaker Series

Smart Stuff: Alternative Interfaces, Artificial Intelligence & Augmented Interactions

Smart Stuff:
Alternative Interfaces, Artificial Intelligence & Augmented Interactions
2019 Speaker Series
- This year we explore the opportunities and challenges alternative interfaces, artificial intelligence, and augmented interactions bring to our futures.
General AI
Where Machine, Humanity, and Society Intersect
Jan 9, 2019
- Beyond today’s artificial narrow intelligence (ANI) is Artificial General Intelligence (AGI), also known as General AI. It is a technology expected to rewrite what it means to live on planet Earth.
AI-driven Images in Radiation Therapy
Challenges for Usability & User Experience
Feb. 6, 2019
- New products for treating cancer with radiation therapy can provide therapists with MR images in real-time, thus enabling them to detect tumor movements. This, in turn, creates the potential for much more precise and effective treatments for cancer.
Designing the Internet of Everybody
Inclusive Thinking toward an Emerging IoT
March 6, 2019
- This talk revisits the question of, to recall the work of fellow digital anthropologist Genevieve Bell, the “mess and mythology” embedded in smart technologies, and asks how we can harness the power of humanity’s global imagination to offer not only access to, but authorship of, the internet of things to everybody.
Smart Cities
Design Thinking and New Technologies that Seek to Address the Wicked Problems of Everyday Life
April 3, 2019
- As citizens and design thinkers what role do/should we play in how the latest smart cities technologies–sensors, cameras, platforms, aggregation and analytics algorithms, machine learning and artificial intelligence–transform how we live, work, play, learn, love, see, move, engage and understand our world–and how it understands us? I’ll tell you what I know and then let’s […]
Researching Smart + Spatial Computing
May 1, 2019
- Hannah Scurfield, UX Design Research and Strategy for Spatial Computing, eBay — Learn about experimenting with UX design research techniques and how people interact with augmented and mixed reality.
Two Years Later,
How Voice User Interfaces Have Changed the Way that I Live
June 5, 2019
- Bruce Elgort, Faculty Member, Clark College — Two years into this adventure of augmenting our household and my work life I have an amazing story to share with you.
A Designer’s Work is Never Done
Solving the Problems New Technologies Create in Automotive
July 10, 2019
- Emily Bowman, Design Group Manager, General Motors — Let’s explore how user experience designers can enhance vehicle development by bringing human-centered methods to the complex process of designing the mobility solutions of tomorrow.
August 7 Game Night Meeting Details - Join us on Wednesday August 7,  from 6 — 8 pm at  Guardian Games 345 SE Taylor St, Portland, OR 97214 This year’s annual social event is an evening of tabletop games, food, fun and beers. Food and beverages will be free for members. COST Non-Members pay $10.00 at door, and CHIFOO Members get into […]
Empathy, Design and the Future of AI
Sept 4, 2019
- Ms. Rutland will speak on the power of empathy in the process of innovation as well as what we can learn from history about how to profoundly alter the way we approach AI as a design industry.
Humans For The Win
Oct 2, 2019
- Using empathetic design approaches we can create a world of intelligent environments that give us human-centric, adaptable information and control – making each and every individual’s life more enjoyable and productive no matter what we choose to do with our time – work, play, live.
AI meets PC: Building the Next Wave of Personal Computing
Nov. 6, 2019
- The PC industry is poised between legacy and emergent business opportunities: the established market for desktops and laptops and the new computing experiences enabled by connected, sensor-based voice and vision technologies.


2018 Speaker Series

Do the Right Thing: HCI in Ethics…Where do we start?

Speaker Series
- In the world of user experience design, new devices require new interactions. How do we, as practitioners, continue to expand our perspectives while existing platforms evolve and new platforms emerge?
Is Design Metrically Opposed?
Jan 10, 2018
- If you’re ready to talk to your teams about what you really need, help management interpret the data, and create analytical experiments that provide design insights, don’t miss this talk.
Wasted Time Isn’t Time Wasted
Feb 7, 2018
- This talk presents a way for us – the makers and thinkers of the science fiction present – to organize our activities so as to include healthy portions of the arts & humanities, experimentation, and daydreaming.
Humanizing Technology
March 7, 2018
- What is the fundamental responsibility we have to humanize tech so we all flourish and better software is made?
How To Build an Atomic Bomb
April 18, 2018
- All design is political, because all politics are designed. The world is a mess because a certain set of people designed it to be a mess. Now we need a different set of people to design our way out of it. This is not a choice. This is how we knock back.
Break the Veil of Research
May 9, 2018
- Hear how finding the connection between ethics and the real-life experiences that follow has led to Nancy’s understanding of universal access and ethical design.
Quantifying Qualitative Decisions
June 6, 2018
- Decisions must account for different factors for multiple stakeholders with differing priorities. How do we meet the challenge that are qualitative in nature?
Ethical Dilemmas & Democratized Proliferation Of AI
July 11, 2018
- Ethical dilemmas arise from the economic consequences of extended deployment of AI systems. We will learn how to use open source software and decentralized education to proliferate AI tech for all.
CHIFOO Social: Game Night
August 1, 2018
- Join us for the Game Night at the Bagdad’s Backstage Bar for an evening of food, fun, table top and group gaming, while enjoying adult beverages.
Panel Discussion: Ethics in AR & VR
September 5, 2018
- This panel will explore ethics in development, design, application, business use, and usability of mixed reality tech. Gain insight from leaders in the tech space, and to apply this new tech in functional ways for your business.
Ethics In The Age Of AI
October 3, 2018
- Participate in a deeper ethical dialogue about emerging technology, and interaction design’s role. This session is informed by many months of research.
“F.U.” Money, Courage, & Ethics in the Workplace
November 7, 2018
- Learn how personal finances play a huge role in silencing us and how financial freedom can lead to finding courage, agency and voice at work.


2017 Speaker Series

Thriving in Chaos: Strategies for Good Design

2017 Speaker Series - How can business needs and strategic language best be translated into design requirements? How does good user experience design address threat and risk? How do trust and transparency in team communication impact ROI? Join CHIFOO for panel discussions, talks and workshops offering tactical know-how to thrive amid chaos.
Innovating from Within
Jan 18, 2017
- Patricia Colley | Matt Smith How do you drive innovation from within the ranks, when innovation processes aren’t well established, or don’t have a clear executive champion?
Embrace the Chaos
Feb 1, 2017
- Engage the client in disruptive and engaging workshops early in website development process to elicit input from key stakeholders who might not otherwise be able to verbalize it.
Inclusion Before Diversity
March 1, 2017
- Ivana McConnell, Senior UI/UX Designer at Why tech companies should focus on achieving inclusion first, attending to employees’ specific self-care needs in order to create a platform for diversity to flourish, and better software made.
Bottom Up Security
April 5, 2017
- Chris Berg, Firemaple Industries Everyday we hear more about another big hack. First Target, then the DNC, then the NSA. Secure software and infrastructure seems impossible, so what can we do? Come to this session to learn how to make security more accessible by making it part of the software and product development process.
Caring Technologies Designing for Trust and Care
May 3, 2017
- Amelia Abreu, UX Night School How can we design services, along with products and systems, to support care?
How to Get Buy In and Be on the Same Page
June 7, 2017
- Getting buy-in from project stakeholders is often the most critical piece of the design puzzle. Learn how to successfully collaborate with your stakeholders so everyone is on the same page from the start.
Storytelling Versus Specifications
July 12, 2017
- Colin Bay, Thug Design | Dwayne King, Pinpoint. | Chris Tobias, Technology Association of Oregon Come check out CHIFOO’s panel of seasoned troublemakers to learn how you too can become a force for change within a large team and still keep your job.
Launching an Innovation Team
Sept 6, 2017
- Erik Goodfriend, Humanity Innovation Labs “We’ve got a great idea, now we need a team to make it happen.”
Coding is for Coders
Oct 4, 2017
- Patrick Neeman, icertis Most designers may have heard something like, “learn to code like your life depends on it.”
Now That’s Risky Business
Nov 9, 2017
- Andrew Sweany, TripwireSoftware Providing good software to the folks keeping our data safe is much more important than one click shoe shopping.


2016 Speaker Series

Bounded Irrationality: Supporting Users and Creating Community

CHIFOO 2016 Speaker Series - Bounded Irrationality: Supporting Users & Creating Communities
CHIFOO 2016 Speaker Series | Bounded Irrationality - Designers are often told that users seek easy answers which are arrived at rationally. Said users are bound by predictable, limited amounts of time, knowledge and interest. They are bound and are understood by bounded rationality. The influence of psychologists and economists has trained us to frame solutions with this precept. Bounded rationality belies the […]
Presumptive Design
January 6, 2016
- Learn how Presumptive Design differs from traditional user-centered design, and how it welcomes and leverages our irrationality by using failure as the main catalyst for insight.
Presumptive Design
January 29, 2016
- Leo leads a half day hands-on workshop that turns the usual Discover | Define | Design process on its head. Attendees will learn the theoretical frameworks on which presumptive design is based and have ample opportunity to practice the method in this dynamic workshop. Learn more and register at
Faulty By Design
February 10, 2016
- Our ability to navigate within a product is impacted by the underlying psychology of decision making. Bill presents a variety of design practices that UX designers can use to address complex decisions, facilitating more effective outcomes.
A Media For a Chorus of Voices
March 2, 2016
- Ward will talk about reinventing the Wiki and how the distributed internet’s fundamental ideals have evolved with technological innovation since it’s inception.
Marketing Isn’t Storytelling.
April 6, 2016
- For years, we’ve referred to ‘marketing as storytelling.’ This creates a problem: Storytelling involves a single narrative arc, and our customers don’t want to be dragged into a single arc. They want a space in which they can move about and create their own stories.
Be Here When
May 4, 2016
- Faith-based communities live with many contradictions that challenge our thinking about design, technology, and human interaction. The community’s tech steward must strike a balance between the needs of the community and outside influences.
Empowering Community Moderators
June 8, 2016
- Often community moderators work invisibly at the heart of the social network making thousands of judgment calls on behalf of the members they serve. Learn how community moderators provide care and attention to enrich experiences at an individual level.
Designing for Happiness
July 13, 2016
- What does it mean to design for happiness? Based on a combination of design research and data science, this session will explore what makes people happiest when they use technology and what we can learn from that to design for positive outcomes.
Let’s Pretend
September 14, 2016
- To uncover the most common problems, designers must empathize with their users and come to know the spaces and times in which they move. In this interactive presentation, UX guru Carolyn and game designer Anna take personas and other empathy exercises to the next level.
Designer Myopia
October 5, 2016
- What if intelligence itself is artificial? We’ll spend some time looking at the reasons we behave the way we do, then break down some ways to let go of our over-developed, over-appreciated consciousness so we can become more empathetic and inspired designers.
Bounded Irrationality
In Everyday Moments
November 2, 2016
- If we look closely at interactions that frustrate us we can clearly see bounded irrationality at play, disrupting our ‘expected’ path of outcomes. This talk will cover how the dynamic of neuroscience, culture, and personal preferences create “unique” rational experiences.


2015 Speaker Series

Gamefully Employed: Innovation at Play

2015: Gamefully Employed: Innovation at Play - What does it mean to “play”? Families enjoying board games, children facing off in the street, or users staring glassy-eyed into virtual landscapes delivered via arcade, console, desktop or hand-held device? “Play” refers more to engagement than traditional notions of entertainment. We can no longer ignore the utility of games in areas as divergent as […]
Play Matters
January 7, 2015
- David will share how emerging developments in HCI are creating virtual civic spaces. Learn how David and Elbowfish succeed in applying game-inspired approaches to improving work, converting customers to fans, and harnessing the power of community.
Playing Is The Thing
February 4, 2015
- Kent has experimented with new approaches for engaging viewers and users and will share his observations of the subtle influx of game-inspired influences on a variety of online video experiences.
Creating Enjoyable Frustration
March 11, 2015
- The evolution of tabletop and alternate reality game design offer approaches to engagement through frustration, incremental victories and the theory of encouraging permission to fail. Trust us, it’ll all make sense.
If It Isn’t Fun, No One Will Care
April 1, 2015
- In November 2014, E-Line Media and Upper One Games released the widely anticipated video game Never Alone (Kisima In’itchu’a), an atmospheric puzzle platformer developed in constant collaboration with members of the Alaska Native community. Grant Roberts, Lead Game Designer at E-Line Media, will describe how the tale of an Iñupiaq girl and her arctic fox […]
Gamers Succeed Where Scientists Don’t
May 6, 2015
- Seth will describe the challenges of mapping real-world problems onto games and ways to address these challenges and other problem-solving game projects and future possibilities.
Mental Health & Social Impact Are No Game
June 3, 2015
- CHIFOO 2-for-1! Skyler will cover educational developments in the indie gaming, “You Have Gained A Level – Adding Empathy and Understanding to Online Education”. Yori has leveraged game theory and design not only in game development, but in his approach to developing communities.
Online Story-Driven Games
September 2, 2015
- Through his geek-focused radio talk show, events and lecturing, Rym will delight us with his stories about how he’s observed the unique interaction of gaming and how HCI is maturing.
Games That Change Us (For The Better!)
October 7, 2015
- Emily regularly facilitates the creation and distribution of social impact games that serve as critical tools in humanitarian and educational efforts. Come hear behind-the-scenes techniques for creating games that really make a difference in the world.
Immersive Design
November 11, 2015
- CHIFOO 2-for-1 series finale! Paul will explore if it is possible to mirror the quality, productivity and happiness of our digital life in our real lives in “Gaming Gratification’s Effect On Life’s Everyday Actions”. And Rob presents “Room to Grow: UX, Antifragility, and Live Action Games,” discussing architecture of several game systems and his insights […]
CHIFOO Game Night - Join us for CHIFOO’s 9th Annual Member Appreciation and first ever Game Night! Try out a few games, or just hang out and socialize with your friends and colleagues. Families are very welcome, too! And very special prizes will be awarded.


2014 Speaker Series

Tell Me A Story: How Storytelling Methods Help Create Better Products And Experiences

DIY Storytelling With Video
Julie Yamamoto
January 8, 2014
- To kick off this year’s series on storytelling, we’ll try on a few constructs for size. In this discussion, we will review a variety of ways to structure narratives, from the common to the complex, paired with examples from our current digital environment. Attendees will have the opportunity to survey different forms of storytelling and […]
Persona Stories
Whitney Quesenbery
February 5, 2014
- Stories have power to add empathy and connection to our work. They can help us learn about people, culture, and context—why, when, and how our products might be used—and share this with a design team. Stories permeate UX techniques from user stories to storyboards. They come to full power when used with personas: the persona […]
Show, Don’t Tell
Mike Lonergan
March 5, 2014
- Comics are a collaborative storytelling effort—many talented individuals contribute to the success or failure of each comic book, much as a good design team leverages complementary talents in delivering a stunning product.  When their talents are combined, the writer (information architect) and artists (visual designers) attract attention and deliver the mood and flow (interaction design) […]
A Genealogy of Socio-Technical Anxieties
Dr. Genevieve Bell
April 2, 2014
- The introductions of new technologies are rarely seamless and silent affairs. There are the inevitable boosters and utopian dreamers who will tell us and sell us on the notion that this new technology will change our lives, in both big and small ways: we will be cleaner, safer, happier, more efficient, more productive, and of […]
Speaking the Language of Meta-Principles
Deborah Levinson
May 7, 2014
- When designing or redesigning an application, Nimble Partners focuses on three core principles: consistency, hierarchy, and personality. We can think of these principles as if they’re part of a language. Consistency and hierarchy are the grammar people learn while using an application: the basic elements that define how a language is spoken. The “words” we […]
Steve Portigal
June 4, 2014
- After nearly two years in gathering War Stories about the unusual, comic, tragic and otherwise astonishing things that happen in fieldwork, Portigal Consulting has amassed a compelling archive about the user research experience. While it’s common for the members of any group to share stories of their adventures, the user research community hasn’t supported this […]
Give Dimensions, a Face, and a Beating Heart to Projects Through Storytelling
Leah Noble Davidson
July 9, 2014
- Since qualitative research, or market research, can largely be spit out by a computer, we’ll take a look at how one can move beyond big data and do what a computer cannot do—go inside the head of a person and learn about their motivations and goals. Humanity’s experience is constantly shifting and so is the […]
Annual Bowling Party - Come join us for the eighth annual CHI-Bowl and enjoy some indoor sports. Dig out your bowling shirt and come bowl a few games, or just hang out and socialize with your friends and colleagues. Families are welcome, too! And very special prizes will be awarded. You need not bowl to win!
Lost But Not Forgotten
Ned Thanhouser
September 10, 2014
- Film history has forgotten the pioneering productions created by the Thanhouser studio that operated in New Rochelle, New York during the birth of cinema in America. From 1910 to 1917 the Thanhouser studio produced and released more than 1,000 films, of which some 220 have survived. Reconstructing the history of his grandfather’s studio and the […]
Art of Articulation
Lee Fain
October 8, 2014
- Products, services and technology have a political gauntlet to conquer before they make their first appearance in the marketplace. Often the first line of defense in a corporate environment is the internal audience and invested key stakeholders. Developing the solution is not enough. How you communicate the idea is just as important as the solution […]


2013 Speaker Series

Quantifying Kick-Ass

2013 : Quantifying Kick-Ass - We’ve heard it all before: “The next killer app.” “A technology game-changer.” “The future of computing: It’s here, and we built it!” In the field of User Experience, we’ve grown sadly accustomed to hyperbole, to the point where every product launch includes the promise that a company’s latest app, device, or operating system will revolutionize […]
Three Kick-Ass Power Presentations, One Night
Nechama Katan, Robert LaCosse, & Corey Pressman
November 6, 2013
- This month, CHIFOO presents not one, but THREE speakers who will quantify their own takes on Kick-Ass for us. Part One: “Authentically Kick-Ass” with Robert Lacosse. The concept of kick-ass is, more often than not, resting precariously upon the notion of authenticity: that which is either original or conforms to an accepted norm set forth […]
Finding And Measuring The “Awesome” In Education
Karen Mahon, Ed.D.
October 2, 2013
- There are hundreds of thousands of apps available in the app store and the numbers are ever increasing. A reasonable percentage of these apps focus on education. But there are few apps that quantify their effectiveness or value for the students who use them or the teachers and parents who purchase them. How can behavioral […]
Using Value to Position Design, UX, and HCI More Strategically In an Organization
Steve Sato
September 11, 2013
- Demonstrating the value of design in business is key to positioning design, UX and HCI more strategically in an organization. Yet demonstrating this has been a vexing challenge for designers. Using metrics that matter to leaders as the kernel in a story is key to meeting business leaders halfway in their quest to understand what […]
Seventh Annual CHI-Bowl Party
August 7, 2013
- Time to quantify just how kick-ass your bowling skills are! Please join us at the Seventh Annual CHI-Bowl event to bowl a few games or just drink a beer and socialize. Dust off your bowling shirt! It’ll be nice and cool inside the Hollywood Bowl. In addition to shoe rental and a few rounds of […]
Immersive Environments and Advanced Visualization Technologies for Testing New Car Designs
Elizabeth Baron
July 10, 2013
- The Ford Immersive Vehicle Environment (FiVE) applies a variety of real-time, advanced visualization technologies to allow efficient, quick and effective evaluations of vehicle design proposals. Ford is using virtual and augmented reality in a unique and amazing way to simulate a multitude of customer perspectives very early in the development process. Their approach is different…it […]
Transforming the Driver Experience with Augmenting Reality in Cars
Victor Ng Thow Hing
June 5, 2013
- The program will begin with a review of Honda’s user research and design research process while developing new applications for the company’s 3-D heads-up display prototype. It will be a fairly candid talk showing lessons learned and how the team changed focus mid-way on design direction after learning about new things while designing. This included […]
The Emotion Commotion: 2013 Redux
August de los Reyes
May 1, 2013
- This talk revisits a framework for thinking about design and emotion introduced in 2007. A little over half a decade later, design has advanced to being one of the key differentiators in the business arena—namely for its power to forge strong emotional bonds. In other words, design helps experiences kick ass. How does one measure […]
Sorry Seems to be the Hardest Word
Charles Austen Angell
April 3, 2013
- Building a Kick-Ass company is more than just difficult—it’s a high-wire act that challenges even the most skilled product development acrobats, and there’s no net. Just look at Tim Cook’s apology for Apple’s Maps application—The company that danced on the wire for so long had to swallow its pride when it kicked its own ass. […]
Experiential Make-overs: Transforming “Killing time” into “Making Memories”
Christopher Stapleton
March 13, 2013
- Life is precious. Why waste it? Every moment counts! Experiential venues from theme parks to museums, schools, shopping centers and even hospitals are re-designing their experiences by transforming everyday activities into making memories for a lifetime. How much of our lives are robbed by killing time for the next teller, the doctor, tires being changed, […]


2012 Speaker Series

Using Your Head (Eyes, Hands, Or Body): Interacting With Things Interacting With Us

2012: Using Your Head (Eyes, Hands or Body): Interacting with Things Interacting with Us - Contemporary user interfaces play an important role both in shaping human behavior and affecting societal norms. They allow us to access the power of computers, but more importantly, they enable people from all walks of life to connect to each other. As revolutionary as the change from command-line to GUI was, every day new interfaces […]
Members Appreciation Party – - Featuring casual networking, non-alcoholic drinks and delicious food from Salvador Molly’s, and the famous CHIFOO raffle! For members only! Our November speaker bailed on us, so we’re throwing a party just for CHIFOO members. Join us for a night of casual chatter about our own projects, big ideas and inspirational insights. Not to mention it’s […]
Location as an invisible interface – Amber Case - Amber will be presenting an information-packed speech on her experiences with geolocation, GPS, location triggers, and non-visual augmented reality. Amber will cover the current players in the geolocation market, the location market itself, and why location is such a big deal. Topics such as real-time location sharing, geolocation triggers, geonotes, proximal notification and automatic checkins, […]
Sit up Straight! – How Wearable Technology can Support Healthy Living – Janna Kimel - Have you ever wanted to send a hug from far away, automatically track your daily activity, or have your clothing correct your posture? What if your insulin delivery went from being a plastic shot in your pocket to a beautiful ring on your finger? How ubiquitous can pervasive technology really be?  We will look at […]
Sixth Annual CHI-Bowl Party – - Time for some hands-on interactions with things with holes in them. Please join us at the Sixth Annual CHI-Bowl event to bowl a few games or just drink a beer and socialize.
Behavior Change Systems for Healthy Living – John Weiss - John will present the creation of Behavior Change Systems for healthy living by exploring the following three essential areas:  (1) Theory—The Cognitive Psychology of Behavior Change, (2) Strategy—Systems Thinking Modeling (how you model ecosytems and values), and (3) Tactical—Examples of Behavior Change Systems (do’s/don’ts).
Beyond the Buzz…Feel the Game with ViviTouch™ – Tom Kridl - Why do gamers who usually demand the most cutting edge technology still accept the primitive buzzing technologies that do not recreate the real feel of the game? They must have not yet experienced what ViviTouch can add to their gaming experience. ViviTouch enables a gamer to experience thousands of sensations in a versatile language of […]
Mobile as Analytics for Life – Jeanne Turner - Julie is on an early morning training run. She has done some running over the last year, but this will be her first marathon. She doesn’t have a training partner, but a voice in her ear expertly nudges her on, while her mobile device records her pace, her route, and saves it to a training […]
Home Energy Monitoring and Management Systems (HEMS) – Emily Kemper - Up to 57 million smart meters are expected to be deployed in the United States in the next two decades, which presents an unprecedented opportunity for greater visibility into home energy use.  Smart meters themselves are not, however, customer-friendly portals, nor do they give utilities the option of communicating with their customers directly. This is […]


2011 Speaker Series

Emerging Perspectives in User Experience

2011: Emerging Perspectives in User Experience - To raise the bar for the field of human-computer interaction, we need committed leaders who are willing to push the envelope. But leadership is more than just making noise. It requires building influence through a combination of facilitation, diplomacy, and advocacy. To make progress, we must be able to bridge cultural gaps and align our […]
Be Part of the PDX Usability Hunt for World Usability Day, Nov. 9 &10 – - It’s time to celebrate the difference usability makes in our daily lives during World Usability Day on Thursday, Nov. 10th. To match Portland’s unique flavor, last year we developed a unique urban challenge: The PDX Usability Scavenger Hunt and it’s back by popular demand. With the theme of education for cultural change in mind, teams […]
Design for First Person User Interfaces-Luke Wroblewski - Following in the tradition of Command Line, GUI, and NUI interface paradigms, first person interfaces continue to reduce the layers of abstraction between the digital and the real. With first person interfaces we can allow people to interact digitally with the real world as they are currently experiencing it. This allows people to navigate the […]
Why It’s Time to Move Beyond the Usability Lab – Thomas S. Tullis - Usability labs and similar settings have served us well for 30+ years of research and practical study of human interfaces.  But it’s time to move beyond that and leverage the power of the web.  In the early days of computers, when users tended to be much more uniform, usability labs and their associated smaller numbers […]
In Defense of Eye Candy – Stephen P. Anderson - Graphics, eye candy, sexy interfaces— while these aren’t as seemingly strategic as a mental model or BCG Matrix, it’s time to stand up for these misunderstood elements. Aesthetics play just as critical a role in business as picking the right server or insuring your data is accurate. But here’s the catch:  it’s not about shiny […]
Fifth Annual CHI-Bowl – - It’s summertime in Portland at last! Dig out that bowling shirt and dust off the ball: on Wednesday, August 3rd at 5 pm CHIFOO hits the lanes at Hollywood Bowl, 4030 NE Halsey Street right next to the Hollywood Transit Center. See a map. Please join us at the Fifth Annual CHI-Bowl event to bowl […]
Making an Innovation Space – Will Reese - Game-changing innovation is accomplished not by mastering devices, but by understanding how the present is already transforming our lives in ways we don’t yet comprehend. “The future is already here,” said novelist William Gibson. “It’s just not very evenly distributed.” This talk will reveal local agency White Horse’s strategy for understanding and defining digital futures […]
Remote Research: Real Users, Real Time, Real Research – Nate Bolt - Remote research studies allow you to recruit subjects quickly, cheaply, and immediately, giving you the opportunity to observe users as they behave naturally in their own environment.  Nate will discuss how to design and conduct remote research studies, top to bottom, with little more than a phone and a laptop. Beginning in 2003, Nate led […]
Interaction Design in a Service Economy – Jamin Hegeman - Interaction design has played a strong role in creating better products and better experiences for people who use those products. However, the world is moving in the direction of a service economy. Most of the United States GDP comes from services. How can interaction design prepare itself for this shift?  In this presentation, Jamin will […]
Ethnographic Animation:  3-D Design for Marketing and Education – Kate Ertmann - Animation has proven to be effective at appealing to diverse consumers because people have a heightened emotional response to animation.  In this presentation, you will learn how animation can be leveraged as a key strategy in communicating human-centered research to decision makers, venture capitalists and customers.  Kate will present a comparison breakdown of the advantages […]


2010 Speaker Series

Emerging Perspectives in User Experience

2010: Interaction Leadership: Expand Your Sphere of Influence - There have been many successes worth celebrating in the field of human-computer interaction since CHIFOO was founded twenty years ago. Usability and design professionals have worked hard to integrate user-centered design methods into their respective organizations, improving awareness of what it takes to create positive user experiences. But there’s always more work to be done. […]
Design Thinking for a Better World – Dwayne King - Design thinking makes information and products better.  But why stop there?  Often, we address only the symptoms of society’s big problems.  Design thinking helps us see why problems happen, so we can create lasting solutions.  This talk will wake you up, inspire action, and give you blueprints for saving the world. As leaders and thinkers […]
Pulling Off the Mask – Bill DeRouchey - The trap is so easy to fall into:  as we rise in leadership, we believe we have to play a role, stand apart, not show fear, adopt a formal tone.  But the essence of formality is separation, a mid-career game that just creates stress.  The young know it’s a game.  The old put the game […]
Designing into the Path of Disruptive Technology – Eric Gould Bear - It is a modern axiom that disruptive technology sweeps through every market.  These are the so-called “paradigm-shifting” technologies that obsolete the existing offerings, markets, and technologies sustaining them.  Designers are often forced to choose between solutions that are right for today and those that pave the way for tomorrow.  What happens when designers get ahead […]
Fourth Annual CHI-Bowl – - It’s summertime and the party you’ve all been waiting for is almost here. Dig out that bowling shirt and dust off the ball: on Monday, August 16th at 6 pm CHIFOO hits the lanes at Hollywood Bowl, 4030 NE Halsey Street right next to the Hollywood Transit Center. See a map. Please join us at […]
Skill Building for Design Innovators – Steve Portigal - How can you broaden your sphere of influence within the field of human-computer interaction?  You can start by building your muscles!  Steve will take a look at some fundamental skills that underlie the creation and launch of innovative goods and services. He will discuss the personal skills that he considers to be “the muscles of […]
Traversing Power Structures – Will Evans - To design interactions predicated on politics and power, you must commit to writing a narrative of human behavior mediated through time and space.  While great strides have been made over the last 40 years drawing on a rich history of cybernetics and human-computer interaction, existing models of interaction are limited in their ability to explain […]
Jared Spool Reveals Design Treasures from The Amazon – Jared Spool - Free! You need to register and bring your ticket for admission. There are only 220 seats available: Sign up today at Eventbrite On its surface, just seems like a large e-commerce site, albeit a successful one. Its design isn’t flashy, nor is it much to write home about. But deep within its pages are […]
Explicit Values for Better Design Research – Rick Robinson - Designers are now paying more attention to users, but is that enough?  The most widely accepted purpose of design research is to inform the work of design, or to provide a basis from which the work of design, development, and strategy can proceed.  But what we need from research is more than description and more […]
Designing with Lenses: Lessons from Other Design Crafts – Bill Scott - In any field of design, designers can enhance their craft by studying the work of others.  Through the careful exercise of breaking down real-world solutions into their underlying principles and patterns, previous lessons can be applied to new sets of problems we encounter.  Designing for web interfaces is no different.  By necessity we are constantly […]


2009 Speaker Series

Emerging Perspectives in User Experience

2009: Collaboration at Work: Putting the ‘Us’ in User Experience - One of the things that makes our field so rich is the multitude of disciplines that must converge to successfully create a new product. Regardless of how we may label our own roles, we are often called upon to work side by side with our fellow designers, engineers, researchers, business managers, and so on. This […]
(Dis)connecting Cultures: When Collaboration Technologies Are Not Enough – Sara Bly - Much work in collaboration has focused on task-specific activities.  The Media Space (a technologically-connected environment of audio and video) was counter to this trend in that it was always on and often peripheral to ongoing activity.  It successfully allowed collaboration in a research laboratory geographically split between Portland, OR, and Palo Alto, CA, spawning a […]
The Ebb and Flow of Activity Streams – Joshua Porter - Do you ever feel like you’re being hit with a firehose of information? In the last several years activity streams have infiltrated the enterprise collaboration space. While they promise to alleviate some of the frustrations of email and other communication software, they can also have some interesting side-effects (such as the “fire-hose effect”). In this […]
Making and Sharing Space: Design Success for Interaction and Industrial Designers – Gretchen Anderson - When designing products with both form and function aspects to them, a team of people with varied talents is required. Industrial designers and interaction designers must come together to create something that is holistic and cohesive. But our education, focus, and areas of expertise can be very different. This presentation will focus on how the […]
Reading and Collaborating in a Digital Age – Cathy Marshall - Reading is an inherently social experience: what we read and how we read it is shaped by who we know and the broader communities we belong to. With that in mind, Cathy will take a fresh look at the future of eBooks and how we get there from here. In particular, she will share some […]
Understanding, Fostering, and Supporting Cultures of Participation – Gerhard Fischer - A culture’s penchant for participation is not dictated by technology; rather, it is the result of changes in human behavior and social organization including innovative design, adoption, appropriation, and adaptation of technologies to their needs. In this talk, Gerhard will share some of his experiences designing and assessing socio-technical environments for cultures of participation. His […]
All Together Now: Blending Interaction Design and Agile Development Techniques – Lane Halley, Cooper & Jeff Patton, Agile Product Design - Full-Day Workshop – Come join Lane Halley and Jeff Patton for a fast-paced day of fun and learning. Through a combination of lecture and hands-on exercises, you will increase your understanding of both User-Centered Design (UCD) and Agile methods and gain useful techniques you can use immediately.
Making Sense of User-Centered Design and Agile – Lane Halley, Cooper & Jeff Patton, Agile Product Design - Love it or hate it, everyone seems to be talking about Agile. Agile is used at scrappy startups that are iteratively defining their products and markets and at large companies with complex business problems working with internationally distributed teams. In each of these different settings, some folks are strong advocates of Agile, while some are […]
Design Principles of Wiki – Ward Cunningham - Born in Portland thirteen years ago, Wiki technology and the communities it supports have grown to disruptive proportions in business, education, collaboration, politics, and even intelligence. In this talk, the inventor of this technology relates Wiki’s founding motivation, design principles, and early impact. He turns then to the modern web, the technical and social challenges […]
Agile Retrospectives: Collaboration for Continuous Improvement – Diana Larsen - Software teams experience what goes right and what goes wrong, what works and what doesn’t, during each and every day of each and every project. What happens to that hard-earned experience? In too many organizations, on too many projects, it dissipates as team members shift focus and move on to the next project or chunk […]


2008 Speaker Series

Emerging Perspectives in User Experience

2008: From Ideation to Innovation: The Role of Design Research in Crafting Great User Experiences - Whether we think of ourselves as researchers, designers, architects, or engineers, we all contribute to the discipline of human-computer interaction. By working to understand people’s needs and habits, we seek to inspire new product experiences. But although we may practice our craft daily, we are frequently challenged to articulate the process we use to transform […]
Creative solutions through Innovation Games® – Nancy Frishberg - Innovation Games® is a set of a dozen hands-on activities to develop strategic planning and tactical decision-making skills. Using a variety of expressive techniques, Innovation Games get firsthand reactions from customers and users about an actual or proposed product, a product category, or service offering.
Fun and Games at Work – Nancy Frishberg - Frishberg introduces design games: structured, time-limited and enjoyable activities to involve your customers, your users, and your team.
Researching Meaning to Identify More Meaningful Customer Experiences – Nathan Shedroff - The business world has begun to talk about the need to address meaning in customers’ lives, but few have bothered to define what this means and none have developed any models or methods for how this intersects with product or service development—until now.
Sketching Physical Devices – Matt Cottam - Date: September 4, 2008 Speaker: Matt Cottam — Tellart Matt will introduce participants to Sketch Tools, a robust toolset that allows relative technical novices to experiment, ideate, and prototype with Phidgets RFID, sensors, Flash, networks, and more. Participants will have an opportunity to work together to sketch, design, and build prototypes using a variety of hardware and software […]
Design Thinking in the Field – Matt Cottam - Many design methods strive to help designers better understand their users’ needs, such as ethnographic research and participatory design. Matt Cottam has put these approaches to the ultimate test: while working on a project for the healthcare industry, Matt trained to be a certified paramedic, giving him a whole new perspective into the needs of […]
CHIFOO and IxDA Social Bowling – - Come join us for the second annual CHI-Bowl event, held in concert with the IxDA crowd.
Understanding the Multi-User Experience – Jen Young & Matt Arnold - Interactive presentations in the museum have the institutional goal of promoting forms of social interaction that enrich the visitor experience. To meet these needs, institutions are turning to multi-user, or group, interactive scenarios. Members of Second Story Interactive Studios will show how understanding people’s needs and tendencies—and the learning curve for people that must be […]
Design Thinking: Action and Ecosystem – Bill Buxton - The number of books, articles, and conferences on innovation, creativity, and design is staggering. Yet, there is still precious little on what designers actually do, how they do it, and how they interact with the other disciplines involved in bringing concepts to fruition.  This talk is based in the premise that design is a distinct […]
Using Scenarios to Drive Design: Full-Day Workshop – Liz Bacon & Steve Calde - This full-day tutorial will teach students about the ways in which scenarios are both a crucial conceptual design and vital communication tool for successful ideation in the practice of interaction design. The instructors are versed in the scenario-based approach to interaction design as practiced in the Cooper Goal-Directed Design methodology.


2007 Speaker Series

Emerging Perspectives in User Experience

2007: Mind the Business: Promoting the Value of Your Work - Human-computer interaction (HCI) professionals and the companies that offer their services are increasingly being asked to quantify their value and their contribution to the bottom line. Despite all the buzz about ROI, when it comes down to it, many of us are still unsure how to make a solid sales pitch for our skills and […]
Show the Whole Story, Show how you Think – Bill DeRouchey and Tom Lakovic - We create portfolios to build trust. Prospective clients and potential employers need to feel confident that we can meet their needs. So we create portfolios to show what we have already done in order to communicate what we can do. The problem is we’re only showing the end of the story.  Clients and employers need […]
Repositioning User Experience as a Strategic Process – Jon Innes, Augmentum; Liam Friedland, Informatica - It is ironic that the UX profession often fails miserably when it comes to describing the value of our deliverables to business leaders. Are we not supposed to be experts in thinking about the end user? This talk will explore a three-level framework for thinking about UX, with the goal of helping practitioners define a […]
Selling Creative Solutions to Clients – Panel Discussion - How do you convince a client that a comprehensive usability study is the best approach to diagnosing their product’s problems? How can you approach your customer about optimizing processes in the face of long-standing political opposition? Whether you define your client as someone within or outside your organization, you likely run into challenges such as […]
CHI-BOWL Social – - Come join in this special, once-a-year CHIFOO program event held in concert with the IxDA crowd.
The Shifting Role of Design – Luke Wroblewski - In an increasing number of companies the role of design is changing dramatically from mere styling to a core ingredient of product strategy and innovation. But what’s behind this shift? Why are designers previously tasked only with “making things pretty” being invited to the corporate strategy table?
Making the Invisible Visible: The Problem with doing Good Work – Martha Cotton - There frequently is a frustrating phenomenon of one particular aspect of the kind of work user researchers do: When you do your job well, what you have illuminated about a user experience becomes so instantly accepted by either the client or design team (or both), that all the rigor and effort that went into getting […]
Cascade ACM SIGGRAPH and CHIFOO present: Visual Communication – Liz Bacon, Devise; Sabrina Jetton, Portland Community College; Wendie Siverts, FlatHED, Inc.; Catherine Veraghen, White Horse - In this co-sponsored event, local experts will discuss the role of visual communication when it comes to effectively selling our services. Panelists representing various disciplines (including graphic design, interaction design, multimedia design, and industrial design) will compare visual communication approaches as they apply in agency settings, corporations, and academia. Topics will include: How we as […]
Ethnography-based Work for Business in Emerging Markets – Dr. Tony Salvador - Businesses are increasingly relying on ethnographic-based work to catalyze new technology markets within “emerging market” countries. This talk will draw on examples from Tony’s experience in regions such as the Middle East, India, China, and South America to highlight how this research impacts the bottom line.
Designing Persuasive Documents – Carrie Gilbert - As HCI practitioners, we may not always align ourselves with the role of Salesperson. But many of us are increasingly being asked to do just that. We are in the business of selling ideas, whether we are encouraging senior management to sponsor a new initiative, or convincing clients of the merits of a design solution. […]


2006 Speaker Series

Emerging Perspectives in User Experience

2006: Professional Strength: Enriching the Experience - Whether an established HCI practitioner, a newcomer to the usability field, or a professional from a related field, we all share the desire to stay on top of our game and delight our clients to keep them coming back. But how? The 2006 CHIFOO Series presents the work of local and national practitioners via presentations, […]
Using scenarios to drive design – Steve Calde, Principal Consultant, Cooper & Elizabeth Bacon, Senior Human Factors Engineer, St. Jude Medical - Learn techniques for creating meaningful and effective persona-based scenarios and how to prevent scenarios from becoming a tool of evil in your organization. Former Cooper design teammates Elizabeth Bacon and Steve Calde reveal the power of scenarios as a requirements definition tool, a conceptual and detailed design tool, and a communication tool.
Work practice modeling: A UXD technique for gathering customer data – Anne de Ridder & Tom Herceg, - Date: October 4, 2006 Speaker: Anne de Ridder & Tom Herceg, — Tektronix, Inc. Work practice models are effective and engaging tools for gathering product-independent information from users about their day-to-day challenges and the types of tools and resources they need to do their jobs. This program will combine presentation, case study examples, and hands-on exercises to explain […]
Designing with the mind in mind – Tom Hewett, Ph.D., Professor of Psychology and Computer Science, - The normal workings of the human mind should have some influence on our designs. Increase your store of information to make educated design choices and avoid some common errors. For interface designers, technical writers, and anyone who wants insight into mental processes and design, this course requires no psychology background.  
Reinforce your foundation: There’s more to it than you may think – Tom Hewett, Ph.D., Professor of Psychology and Computer Science, - Education and training should provide the foundation for our HCI-related practices. Tom Hewitt unpacks the HCI Curriculum to show us the breadth and practical relevance of our field’s building blocks and provides guidance for our development through self-study and collaborative efforts.
Networking made easy – Ann M. Marcus, Communication Strategist - Ann M. Marcus, Communication Strategist About the speaker Ann M. Marcus brings two decades of experience in communications and technology to the topic of networking. For the past several years, Ann has divided her time professionally between Collaborative Strategies in San Francisco, where she is an analyst and consultant, and with her own business communications […]
Tools of the trade – Panel of regional practitioners - In July, CHIFOO will host a show-and-tell evening program focused on the tools and techniques HCI practitioners use to collect and analyze customer data. Learn about new or alternative techniques and technologies through a series of 15-minute presentations by regional practitioners showcasing real-world examples of these “tools of the trade” in action. Presentations will include […]
Professional participation: When you reach beyond your job – Gene Lynch, - Professional societies, industry consortia, and trade associations provide us with education, networking, standards, public policy, and professional development.
The Interaction Design Association (IxDA): Growing an international community – Elizabeth Bacon, Senior Human Factors Engineer, - Elizabeth Bacon introduces the new Interaction Design Association, a non-profit, member-supported international organization dedicated to advancing the profession of interaction design. She explains its early history as a mailing list, growth as a group, and its recent formal incorporation. As a volunteer organizer of IxDA Face-to-Face gatherings on the west coast and a member-at-large of […]
Time is money … Can you $pare a minute? – Chris Bond, User Interface Consultant, - One of the most difficult challenges in the usability field is getting clients to realize just how much of a difference usability can make. But every so often, a project comes along that provides the opportunity to demonstrate immediate, tangible savings. Improvements to a Customer Information System (CIS) at an electric utility resulted in decreasing […]


2005 Speaker Series

Emerging Perspectives in User Experience

2005: Imagination to Transparency: Ubiquitous Computing Comes of Age - As we near the mid-point of The Computer’s 7th decade, we tip our collective hats to the past, lend our sense-making equipment to the present, and train our eyes on the future. Many of us have been around long enough to observe the transformation from BC (before computers) to AD (after digital). We have seen […]
Data: Finding What You Need; Documenting What You Did With It; Publishing What You Produce – Roy Hall, CTO, - There is a common philosophy that says if you collect more data, you can distill it into more information, and that will result in greater knowledge, culminating in greater wisdom.
Understanding Fun and Games: User Research at Microsoft Game Studios – John P. Davis, - Imagine hearing an MS Word user say “Creating a form letter was easy, but it wasn’t very fun,” or an Excel user say “I completed the pivot tables, but it just wasn’t challenging enough!” Maximizing the fun and making a software product appropriately challenging are not issues most user researchers have to worry about, but […]
Microsoft Media Center Extender Technologies: Usability Testing Adaptations – Lisa Mason, - Date: September 7, 2005 Speaker: Lisa Mason, — Microsoft Consumers don’t want to be tied to the room where their PC lives. Windows Media Center Extender technologies provide access to video, photos and music on from any room in the home. Human Factors manager Lisa Mason describes the special challenges and usability testing adaptations needed to create a […]
No-Strings Internet – Scott Shamp, Director, New Media Institute, Grady College, University of Georgia & Aaron Baer, Treasurer, PTP - The basic utilities of water, electricity, gas and telephone are about to welcome a new sibling: Wireless broadband Internet. And many technosavvy road warriors already depend on such access. We welcome experts Scott Shamp of Athens, Georgia, and Nigel Ballard of Portland, who are making wireless access available to citizens in their cities.
Experiences Implementing and Using Wearable Computer Displays in an Automotive Repair Environment – Nicholas Anderson, - Date: July 6, 2005 Speaker: Nicholas Anderson, — Jim Fisher Volvo The Microvision Nomad projects a transparent monochrome computer display into the wearer’s eye by means of a lightweight headset and is controlled by a belt-clip unit at the wearer’s side. Nik Anderson will share his experience deploying the Nomad wearable display at Jim Fisher Volvo and discuss […]
Wireless at the Bedside: Social Impacts of Technology Introduction in Health Care – Ivy Holt, Providence Health Systems & Ann Demaree, LifeCom - Date: June 1, 2005 Speaker: Ivy Holt, Providence Health Systems & Ann Demaree, LifeCom —  Good patient care depends on good information at the right moment. Ivy Holt describes how Providence Hospitals moved from paper to wireless bedside patient records and uses knowledge management systems for advice. Ann Demaree recounts the recent introduction of Lifecom’s Shock/Trauma Management […]
Designing for Glance-able Experiences: Awareness & Context – Dane Howard, Microsoft Smart Personal Objects Technology, - How do you make everyday objects and interactions smarter? How do you design for awareness? Glanceability is a new word in the mobile vocabulary. It affects cognitive awareness and relates to the environment and situation (context) of everyday situations. The personal space is sacred, and so are the interactions and experiences that reside in this […]
CHI 2005: Technology, Safety, Community – - CHI 2005 is the premier international conference for human-computer interaction.
Human Factors Research and Development for In-Vehicle Systems – Chris Kirn & Josef Loczi, PhD, - Human Factors engineer Chris Kirn presents computer and communications applications for passenger cars and heavy duty trucks, including the Freightliner Driver Message Center.


2004 Speaker Series

Emerging Perspectives in User Experience

2004: Chalk vs. Pixel: Human Development and Technology in the Information Age - The adoption of all things Internet has raised America’s love affair with technology to a fevered pitch. No area of our daily lives is untouched by the rapid changes in technologies, but few are as important to our long term financial and developmental health as education. In this 10-month series, CHIFOO invites psychologists, educators, researchers […]
Whose Line is It Anyway: Innovation, Ethnography, and Improv – Steve Portigal - Customer researcher Portigal looks at two not-usually-combined-or-even-discussed-together approaches to direct experience: the theatrical activity of “improv” and participant-observer user research. As the “learner”, he shares some of his process and technologies for “learning.”
SimCalc: The Design of Software for Teaching More Advanced Mathematics in Middle School – Jeremy Roschelle, - The mathematics that people need to thrive in the 21st century keeps advancing in complexity, yet our schools keep falling farther behind. As a society, we need to make significant changes in this area. The SimCalc Project is tackling the problem of democratic access to more complex mathematics through an approach that brings together the […]
For the People, By the People – Anne de Ridder - The role of computer-human interaction in facilitating environmental awareness and activism De Ridder, an environmental steward and technical communications specialist, considers computer-based technology a suitable medium for facilitating discussion of community-scale issues. She describes how contemporary theories of awareness, activism, and adult education can inform the design of a web-based information center through which community […]
Communities of Practice Online: A case study, a perspective on learning, and design implications – John Smith - Learning in community can be powerful because it entails the acquisition of “the whole practice” rather than bits and pieces of disconnected information. Learning communities can also be the most effective way of generating new knowledge. Smith, a former higher education technologist and now consultant and coach to communities of practice, describes an online workshop […]
Using the Web as a Tool for Understanding Politicoscientific Controversies – Michael Flower, Ph.D. - New web mapping techniques may contribute to and facilitate significant participation in public debates of topics like global warming, the crafting of genetically-modified organisms, and the use of human embryos for research leading to stem cell production. Flowers, an Associate Professor at Portland State University’s Center for Science Education, outlines an approach to such web […]
Blocks of Wood: Leveraging Low Technology to Enrich the Growing Mind – Ginni Sackett & Cathy Newman - Can a simple block of wood promote a learning experience? Montessori lecturer, trainer, and Association Montessori Internationale (AMI) examiner Sackett joins Montessori lecturer and administrator Newman to show how this block can serve wildly variant ages and “learning styles.” The speakers raise the question: what how can digital technologies improve the experience?
VizAbility: Establishing Visual Language Capability for the Digital Age – Kristina Woolsey, Ph.D - Emerging visual technologies provide the opportunity to develop pervasive visual languages. Seeing, drawing, diagramming and imagining can be established as basic literacies to be developed in schools and to be used widely in the society. Kristina Woolsey, former director of the Apple Multimedia Lab and current board member of the New Media Center, explores these […]
Connecting or Disconnecting – The Growing Brain and Digital Technologies – Jane M. Healy, PhD - Computers and TV influence the developing brain,with learning learning-disabled students particularly vulnerable to their positive or negative effects. Moreover, many so-called “disabilities” turn out to be assets in a fast-changing electronic world demanding new kinds of thinking and reasoning skills.
10 Myths About Learning and Using Technology – Katherine Stevens & David Drake, Ph.D. - Stevens, an instructional designer, and Drake, a specialist in change initiatives, strategic conversations, and coaching, uncover myths and assumptions about learning and using technology. When examined closely, these stories lead to a deeper discussion that can help us think more critically about technology and learning.


2003 Speaker Series

Emerging Perspectives in User Experience

2003: Contemporary Views on User Experience Design (UXD) - This 10-month series of presentations focuses on the role of User Experience Design within a variety of contexts: from the business of UXD to its role in life-critical applications. After setting the stage for the role of UXD in the business of design, the series introduces theoretical frameworks for UXD: the very real human requirements […]
Developing Requirements for Surgical Simulations – Suzanne Weghorst, PhD - As a challenging and potentially risky procedure, endoscopic sinus surgery (ESS) is a prime candidate for VR simulation training.
Developing Training for Users in Heavy Industry – Chuck Leber - Heavy process industries, whether chemical processing, pulp & paper, power, food & beverage, all have similar characteristics in terms of content—work rules, process systems technology, human-machine interface—and the characteristics of operations and production-line learners, whose backgrounds range from junior internet/technology-savvy to senior not-high-school educated.
Stephen Hawking and Me: Accessibility, Practicality, and Standards – DL Byron - Flash and accessibility, two words that don’t often play together well. Byron, a nationally recognized web developer, demonstrates, on his own site, working examples of making a site accessible, standards based and incorporating the latest technology. Byron reveals how CSS, XHTML, and Flash MX all coordinate to create a site that creates a usable and […]
A Problem in Air Traffic Management (ATM) – Jack Dwyer, Ph.D. - Unpiloted Air Vehicles – the newest and arguably most radical addition to the civil and military aviation community – must be seamlessly and safely integrated into all facets of routine airspace operations. But how shall this be achieved? How will Air Traffic Control’s management of the airspace need to be modified? And how will UAV […]
Work Space/Body Space: Creating a Healthy User Experience Through Participatory Design – Mike White - Furniture manufacturers face increasing pressures to provide ergonomically designed products. Workers, especially those faced with repetitive processes, face increasingly stressful physical environments. White, a human factors engineer and ergonomist discusses his work in applying “functional anthropometry” to workplace environments. He will present recent work in the UCSF Ergonomics Program along with rapid prototyping techniques that […]
User Experience Design as Applied to Education – Panel Discussion - Can concepts in user experience design be usefully applied to technology-mediated learning? We are a panel of educational technology specialists and enthusiasts who will present a multi-faceted exchange on this topic. Our interest in user experience design is from the perspective of the user as learner. We will explore the concepts of user experience design […]
Citizen Participation in Neighborhood Planning – Michael Pyatok - Is it possible to apply principles from urban planning and community development to our world of User Experience Design? Michael Pyatok shares his ideas on citizen participation in community and neighborhood planning. When low-income residents participate, they create more livable neighborhoods – User Experience in the real world. While higher income neighborhoods generally can organize […]
Experiences for Understanding – Nathan Shedroff - While interface, information, and interaction designs have made interfaces and experiences easier to use, navigate, and understand, they are still a far cry from what meeting our expectations of interfaces. Surely, looking at interfaces in Science Fiction throughout the past even just the credible ones we aren’t realizing the potentials nor the fruits of our […]
Quick! What do you want to say? – John Lenker - Your organization is suddenly center stage in front of hundreds and potentially thousands of people. Quick! What is it you have to say? Web enterprises invest exorbitant amounts of resources developing the mechanics and information architecture behind their online resources, but often produce some of the most mundane, mediocre, and inappropriate presentations of information in […]


2002 Speaker Series

Emerging Perspectives in User Experience

2002: Towards a New Information Architecture - It seems that anyone who can letter a shingle can hang it out and claim to be an “Information Architect (IA).” What level of competence and professional background should we expect from a person claiming the title of “Information Architect?” Is Information Architecture a significant new field important for businesses in the 21st century, or […]
CHI, IA, UE/X: How does the alphabet soup taste so far in 2002? – Keith Instone - What are this year’s trends in human-computer interaction, information architecture, usability engineering and user experience? What has happened so far this year in human-computer interaction, information architecture, usability engineering and user experience? Keith will review what he has seen and has not seen, such as how user experience is being accepted by business, how information […]
Teaching Information Architecture – Lynn Boyden - IA and Library Information Science complement and reinforce each other. Lynn describes the major streams that inform both fields and prospects for the future. Since the dotcom bubble burst, the practice of teaching Information Architecture in the context of a graduate program in librarianship has changed. In 2000, students were eyeing fat salaries and multiple […]
IA: A communicator’s perspective – Jean Richardson, Connie Betz, Gail Toft-Vizzini, Dick Miller, Susan Caney-Peterson - Professional communicators bring their specialty’s expertise to bear on the topic of information architecture in a lively discussion of problems and solutions as they move into information architecture roles.
Architecture of bricks and clicks – Fu-tien Chiou - How do traditional architecture and information architecture practices differ in the areas of the physical/web environments, building/site types, occupants/users, components, and design methodologies? This presentation will examine the similarities and differences between traditional architecture and information architecture practices in the areas of Physical and web environments Building and web site types Occupants and users Constructive […]
User Research All the Time: Integrating User Research into Project Implementation – Marijke Rijsberman - Team-based ethnography grounds IA and interaction design in an increasingly thorough and evolving understanding of users, the work they do, and the evolution of their work in response to new technologies and information tools. User research has long been practiced as part of the interaction design methodology for internal systems development. The rise of intranets […]
Telepresence—the next internet – Cliff Schinkel - Interactive “presence” involves both gathering sensory input and delivering your influence upon it. Cliff describes the Internet’s Level 2 potential. As companies build bandwidth and processing power with huge capacities, the nature of streaming media will evolve with it. The capture and display devices at the ends of the pipeline will evolve too. Human interaction […]
Who Do You Really Work For: The end user or those who pay you? – Mary Lukanuski - Who are our real clients – the end users or those who pay us? How do we serve our employer’s business needs and brand while creating the most elegant user experience/IA? What happens when our employers have a different vision of the “user experience”? Mary Lukanuski will explore the contractual, ethical and practical difficulties of […]
Panel: Something Old, Something New? – - Speakers: Mary Devlin, Mary Devlin Associates Eva Miller, Multnomah County Library Allyson Carlyle, The Information School, University of Washington Librarians have been organizing information and making it accessible for a very long time. What have librarians learned about the structure of information and user interfaces that would benefit information architecture? Is there a philosophical underpinning […]
Point/Counterpoint: What’s the Big IA? – Christina Wodtke, Carbon IQ; George Olsen, Interaction By Design - Should an IA run the show? George Olsen and Christina Wodtke, two of the emerging IA community?s noisiest voices, debate the place of the IA in a company’s organization. Is the formal role of an Information Architect even needed? Should there be a Chief Information Architect? What does the IA do exactly and why is […]


2001 Speaker Series

Emerging Perspectives in User Experience

2001: Individual Topics - Industry professionals explore different UX and HCI topics.
Concrete Aspects of Information Architecture: IA Tools and Approaches – Lisa Boleyn, Independent IA; Sabrina Jetton, Ziba Design - Date: October 16, 2001 Speaker: Lisa Boleyn, Independent IA; Sabrina Jetton, Ziba Design —  Information Architecture may exist in many of our minds as a nebulous ideology applied using esoteric means. Sabrina Jetton and Lisa Boleyn clarify the enigmatic nature of the implementation of information architecture by describing information architecture’s deliverables and explaining how to interpret them. […]
Towards a New Architecture – Leo Frishberg - Date: September 19, 2001 Speaker: Leo Frishberg — Phase II A lively introduction to the series highlighting the current confusions about this emerging discipline.
Panel Discussion: Website Accessibility – - As of June 21, 2001, Federal agencies must make websites accessible to people with vision impairments, hearing problems, limited dexterity and other disabilities. Section 508, an amendment to the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, mandates that people with disabilities be given access to government information, including through websites, as easily as anyone else. The Act also […]
Design Principles for Wiki Style Online Communities – Ward Cunningham, software developer and business consultant - Date: June 20, 2001 Speaker: Ward Cunningham, software developer and business consultant —  The Talk Wiki is a web site written by its users. The site and the software were created by Ward Cunningham for the Portland Pattern Repository. It is home to an Informal History of Programming Ideas, as well as a large volume of related […]
Visual Dialogues: The Future of Photography on the Web – Geoffrey Hiller - Date: May 24, 2001 Speaker: Geoffrey Hiller —  The Talk Photography is a 170-year old art form that is ready to burst upon the digital arena. In his presentation, Hiller will talk about expanding the dialogue beyond the nuts and bolts of developing Web content, to show how the language of photography can inspire Web designers. He […]
Techniques in Rapid Prototyping – Joe Auer - Date: May 24, 2001 Speaker: Joe Auer —  The Talk Have you ever created a prototype that looked so complete that customers believed they were looking at a finished product? Have you ever wanted to quickly explain a complex software task to a remote client or user? This presentation discusses some ideas for rapid prototyping – creating […]
Overcoming Barriers to Usability A Panel Discussion – Panel Discussion - THE PANELISTS Jon Meads, Moderator Jon Meads is a world renowned rugby-playing, beer expert working in the field of human-computer interaction where he has demonstrated a special affinity to the emotional needs of computers. As a human factors expert, his chief contribution to the field has been the provision of an outside view undistorted by […]
Predictive Engineering Models of Interface Usability – Anthony Hornof - The same way that engineers in other disciplines build models to predict how their systems will perform when turned loose in the real world, interface designers can also build engineering models to predict aspects of usability before they conduct time-consuming and expensive user observation studies. Methodologies already exist for routine construction of such models, referred […]
Through the Users’ Eyes Using Participatory Design to Refine Your Product Definition – Kristine Maneely, Medscape, Inc., and Beverly Arnoldy, Usability Consultant - What does your product development team do when they are presented with a high-level product definition? If they are typical, they probably start determining what is technically possible – assuming that if they can provide functionality, the customers will figure out how to use it. By the time the usability professionals are consulted, the product […]


2000 Speaker Series

Emerging Perspectives in User Experience

2000: Individual Topics - Industry professionals explore different UX and HCI topics.
A Digital Strategy for the Library of Congress – Dr. Nancy Frishberg - Date: October 18, 2000 Speaker: Dr. Nancy Frishberg — New Media Centers The Talk LC 21: A Digital Strategy for the Library of Congress, a report issued by the National Research Council (NRC) on July 26 urges the Library of Congress to move more quickly to address the management, technology, staffing and strategy issues in building and maintaining […]


1999 Speaker Series

Individual Topics


1998 Speaker Series

Individual Topics

1998: Individual Topics - Industry professionals explore different UX and HCI topics.
Of Mice and Menus: The Eye Is Faster Than the Hand – Erik Nilsen, Associate Professor of Psychology - What are you thinking right now? Consider how you formed that thought. Do you know? How could anyone know? Is the mind too complex to be understood by itself? A Unified Theory of Cognition has been the holy grail of cognitive psychology for more than two dozen years. Such a theory would model thinking, describing […]
Portland Traffic Signals User Interface – Paul Zebell And Bill Kloos - Paul Zebell And Bill Kloos Explain The User Interface Of The Portland Traffic Signal System Paul Zebell, Bill Kloos, and their colleagues in the Bureaus of Maintenance and Traffic Management maintain, modify, and repair the approximately 1,000 traffic signals at controlled intersections throughout the city. Paul and Bill work with police, inspectors, citizens, traffic engineers, […]
Kid Pix Author & Professor Of Visual Design – Craig Hickman - Craig Hickman, author of Kid Pix, will speak about the design of software and design for children. Where do ideas for software come from? When it comes to software design, do simplicity and clarity always fight against whimsy and wit? Can programming be art? Can software design be beautiful? These are some of the questions […]
Usability Lab Tour – Tom Cocklin, Senior Human Factors Engineer - Date: June 25, 1998 Speaker: Tom Cocklin, Senior Human Factors Engineer — Hewlett-Packard Tom Cocklin opens his state-of-the-art usability laboratory for our inspection on Thursday, June 25th. The lab features a spacious “office,” the ever-popular two-way mirror, a gallery for observers, and a control room to die for. Learn how usability tests get designed, scheduled, run, and analyzed […]
Visualizing Software Tools: Designing the Task Centered Interface – Kevin Mullet, Human Interface Architect - In recent years it has become increasingly commonplace to hear software professionals professing their dedication to the principles of “user-centered design,” and indeed, a general conciousness-raising toward the needs of everyday users does seem to be taking place within the development community. Executives now call routinely for “ease of use” as a competitive differentiator, and […]
Nuts and Bolts: Usability Testing Demystified – Beverly Arnoldy - You’ve read the book, you’ve seen the movie. Now, experience it for yourself. Join us as we demonstrate a real usability test! Under the guidance of Beverly Arnoldy, usability consultant, you’ll learn how to prepare for a test, execute the test, and analyze the data.
Information Appliances – Donald Norman - Why the PC is so complex, Why it can’t be changed and Why Information Appliances are the Solution
Dead or Alive: Requirements before Design – David Churchill - Date: January 21, 1998 Speaker: David Churchill — Director of Marketing Design, Service & Test Business Unit, Tektronix, Inc. The ability to design a good User Interface is finally gaining recognition as a product development core competency. But products are still released only to receive immediate criticism for their poor interface designs. Many times this is a direct […]


1997 Speaker Series

Individual Topics

1997: Individual Topics - Industry professionals explore different UX and HCI topics.
Draining the Data Swamp: Actually Getting Information from All Those Videotapes – Philip Tennyson, Helen Slack-Miller, David Stubbs - You finally got your boss to authorize extensive usability testing but you’re not sure what kind of equipment to use.You’re staring at a huge pile of tapes with 50 hours of recorded data and wondering how you’re going to get the information from them without watching them all yourself.You know you’ve got the data but […]
The Inmates are Running the Asylum – Alan Cooper - Alan Cooper is called ‘The Father of Visual Basic’ for his invention of the visual programming interface that became the popular Microsoft product. He is the author of About Face: The Essentials of User Interface Design, published by IDG Books. Cooper’s other credits include Computer Associates’ SuperProject, and MicroPhone II for Windows. Cooper is a […]
Machine-Centered vs. Worker-Centered Design – - Feature Presentation: Two videos demonstrate the strong contrasts between the Ameriican machine/data/efficiency centered approach to work design and the worker-centered, cooperative design methods used in Scandanavia. A bibliography will be provided.
Intellectual Property – Erik Anderson - Date: May 6, 1997 Speaker: Erik Anderson — Hewlett-Packard Intellectual Property can be thought of as a person or company’s intangible property rights. Erik Anderson, Intellectual Property attorney, will present the basic concepts of this evolving field for hardware/software developers, designers, and usability professionals. He will talk about the state of the laws today and how they apply […]
Product Design Field Studies—A Three-Part Series – Sara Bly, Tony Salvador, Gene Lynch, and Sue Palmiter - Date: March 3, 1997 Speaker: Sara Bly, Tony Salvador, Gene Lynch, and Sue Palmiter —  CHIFOO presents an in depth discussion of the role field work plays in product design from three perspectives. You’ll see the three different approaches that have evolved for the series presenters. Each approach has proven successful and will be of benefit to […]