Melissa Gregg, Intel
Senior Principal Engineer & Research Director, Client Computing Group

The PC industry is poised between legacy and emergent business opportunities: the established market for desktops and laptops and the new computing experiences enabled by connected, sensor-based voice and vision technologies. For many years, the PC business advanced by defining measurements of power and performance at the processor level, but influenced by the smart phone, the experience of users is forcing traditional computer manufacturers to invest in a wider range of features, from enhanced graphics to longer battery life and major innovations in responsiveness.

In this context, AI is becoming an important vehicle to redefine the value and function of a PC as an ever more personalized device, one that can best utilize specific applications of machine learning and analytics to suit the complex demands of everyday life. This talk will highlight the role of user experience research in driving technical requirements for AI at hardware level with reference to our team’s work on Intel’s Project Athena innovation program.

About the Speaker

Mel GreggMelissa Gregg is an international expert in gender studies, affect theory and cultural labor and a renowned commentator on the future of work. At Intel, she provides strategic recommendations and original research to inform business investments in the Client Computing Group, where she is Chief Social Scientist in Architecture and Innovation. With over 50 peer-reviewed scholarly publications, Melissa’s research influences industry, academic and policy audiences. Her four books, including the recent Counterproductive: Time Management in the Knowledge Economy (Duke 2018), are required reading on graduate and undergraduate curricula worldwide.

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