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Ward Cunningham

We describe our approach to reinventing wiki while addressing systemic weaknesses in the original and often duplicated version. We combine an appreciation for the distributed internet’s idealistic founding with technological innovation that has brewed since then and is now manifest in our extremely capable browsers. Wiki has always been less than you thought you needed while, at times, delivering far more than you thought was possible. While venture money chases unicorns were happy to build trilobites because we’d be happy to inform the future even if we don’t own it.

Check out Ward’s presentation demonstrating the federated wiki.

About the Speaker

Ward Cunningham (@WardCunningham) has worked for and consulted to daring startups and huge corporations. He has served as CTO, Director, Fellow, Principal Engineer and Inventor. He is best known for creating wiki. He leads an open source project rebuilding wiki to solve more complex sharing situations addressing some of society’s toughest problems. Ward founded movements in object-oriented, agile software, extreme programming and pattern languages. Ward lives in Portland, Oregon and works for New Relic, Inc.


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