Date: October 18, 2000
Dr. Nancy Frishberg — New Media Centers

The Talk

LC 21: A Digital Strategy for the Library of Congress, a report issued by the National Research Council (NRC) on July 26 urges the Library of Congress to move more quickly to address the management, technology, staffing and strategy issues in building and maintaining the most comprehensive collection of the nation’s historical and cultural record. (The full report is available at URL, and soon in print as a booklength work.) Nancy Frishberg, a member of the panel assembled by the NRC to consider these issues on behalf of the Library of Congress, will review highlights of the report’s recommendations on intriguing challenges for the Library with respect to “born-digital” materials. This talk will eschew the deeply technical, aiming instead for an appreciation of the magnitude of LC as an institution, its context in the legislative branch of the Federal government, and the urgency of action to keep it a vital organization in the coming decade.

About the Speaker

Nancy Frishberg Besides participating in this NRC panel, and serving as co-Chair for Demos for CHI 2001, Nancy Frishberg heads New Media Centers, a consortium of higher education institutions and innovative technology companies working to transform teaching and learning with new media. Demonstrating her true eclectic interests, she’s in Portland this week to convene with colleagues in sign language interpreter education at CIT’s biannual meeting (URL).

Program Flyer