Navigating Digital-Social Transformation: How to Script the Unscriptable – with Thor Madsen

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What is Digital-Social transformation? (Beyond technology, how is society being transformed as a result of our world becoming more “digital”?)

Three of the major disruptive trends creating digital-social transformation (and three examples of their effects):

Cross-global “datafying” of human behavior
Affects community-forming and allegiances
I. is becoming a full member of the human community
Affects (or takes over) our decision-making process
Our “Reality” becomes equally physical/virtual
Affects our sense of time and place

disAbility, diversity and privilege. How to design a world that embraces differences – with Nechama Katan

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We will talk about how people with "disAbilities" add value and privilege to the diversity discussion. Supports and services for the disabled focus on what they can't do and what they will probably never do well. This includes the non-neurotypical, learning disAbled as well as those with visual disabilities. Let's explore together a world that sees everyone as having gifts and that helps people focus on those gifts. Sometimes that world requires providing support for many traditionally "normal" things that typical people do without thinking. The presentation will be interactive and hands on, so bring a project that you are working on and be prepared to think about Ability differently.  

Getting Started with NFTs and the Blockchain – with Jason Wright

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In this presentation, we'll talk about the rise of NFT's and their association with the blockchain. We'll cover platforms, strategies, and projects that will change the way we think about physical and digital assets beyond 2022.