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2019 Speaker Series

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AI seems to be everywhere. It is an acronym fraught with implications and possibilities. We have an idea of what it means, but how do our smart devices know what we want? Who taught my car to parallel park? Is my home spying on me? It’s all very confusing.

This year CHIFOO explores the opportunities and challenges alternative interfaces, artificial intelligence and augmented interactions bring to our futures. We will take a deep dive into how smart devices, cars, and homes are changing our culture and even us, while exploring the interactions this new tech makes possible. The possibilities are exciting, inspiring, and at times unexpected.

As professionals dealing with communication, interaction, and results we are at the center of this vortex of change, given the charge to provide solid solutions for an uncertain world. We are empowered by these new tools yet challenged by them as well. As the ones responsible for using it all, we must get up to speed on it all quickly.

This speaker series will explore the various ways these themes are playing out in our lives now while determining the potential for the future by examining specific applications of each. By understanding more about what the potential of how to best use the tools, we can provide better solutions in our own work, and create a more friendly world. Please join us for this exciting series.

Please note: CHIFOO wants to make sure that each meeting is a great experience for everyone. If you need an accommodation to help you better enjoy CHIFOO meetings and events please let our CHIFOO Programs Chair know how we can help a few days prior to CHIFOO event.

2019 Speakers and Events

General AI
Where Machine, Humanity, and Society Intersect
Jan 9, 2019

Beyond today’s artificial narrow intelligence (ANI) is Artificial General Intelligence (AGI), also known as General AI. It is a technology expected to rewrite what it means to live on planet ...
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AI-driven Images in Radiation Therapy
Challenges for Usability & User Experience
Feb. 6, 2019

New products for treating cancer with radiation therapy can provide therapists with MR images in real-time, thus enabling them to detect tumor movements. This, in turn, creates the potential for ...
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Designing the Internet of Everybody
Inclusive Thinking toward an Emerging IoT
March 6, 2019

This talk revisits the question of, to recall the work of fellow digital anthropologist Genevieve Bell, the “mess and mythology” embedded in smart technologies, and asks how we can harness ...
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Smart Cities
Design Thinking and New Technologies that Seek to Address the Wicked Problems of Everyday Life
April 3, 2019

As citizens and design thinkers what role do/should we play in how the latest smart cities technologies--sensors, cameras, platforms, aggregation and analytics algorithms, machine learning and artificial intelligence--transform how we ...
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Researching Smart + Spatial Computing
May 1, 2019

Hannah Scurfield, UX Design Research and Strategy for Spatial Computing, eBay -- Learn about experimenting with UX design research techniques and how people interact with augmented and mixed reality ...
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Two Years Later,
How Voice User Interfaces Have Changed the Way that I Live
June 5, 2019

Bruce Elgort, Faculty Member, Clark College -- Two years into this adventure of augmenting our household and my work life I have an amazing story to share with you ...
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A Designer’s Work is Never Done
Solving the Problems New Technologies Create in Automotive
July 10, 2019

Emily Bowman, Design Group Manager, General Motors -- Let’s explore how user experience designers can enhance vehicle development by bringing human-centered methods to the complex process of designing the mobility ...
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August 7 Game Night Meeting Details

Join us on Wednesday August 7,  from 6 -- 8 pm at  Guardian Games 345 SE Taylor St, Portland, OR 97214 This year's annual social event is an evening of ...
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Empathy, Design and the Future of AI
Sept 4, 2019

Ms. Rutland will speak on the power of empathy in the process of innovation as well as what we can learn from history about how to profoundly alter the way ...
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Humans For The Win
Oct 2, 2019

Using empathetic design approaches we can create a world of intelligent environments that give us human-centric, adaptable information and control – making each and every individual’s life more enjoyable and ...
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Circuit Board

AI meets PC: Building the Next Wave of Personal Computing
Nov. 6, 2019

The PC industry is poised between legacy and emergent business opportunities: the established market for desktops and laptops and the new computing experiences enabled by connected, sensor-based voice and vision ...
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