Gamefully Employed: Innovation at Play

Gamefully Employed: Innovation at Play- 2015 CHIFOO Speaker Series Theme

What does it mean to “play”? Families enjoying board games, children facing off in the street, or users staring glassy-eyed into virtual landscapes delivered via arcade, console, desktop or hand-held device?

“Play” refers more to engagement than traditional notions of entertainment. We can no longer ignore the utility of games in areas as divergent as customer loyalty and protein synthesis.

Game-inspired design delivers value that vastly exceeds its entertainment aspect. Designers and developers are increasingly employing techniques found in game theory and production. They win the hearts and influence the minds of consumers through manipulation that’s subtle to outrageous.

2015 Speakers and Events

Play MattersPlay Matters
January 7, 2015
David Galiel, Elbowfish



Playing is the ThingPlaying is the Thing
February 4, 2015
Kent Nichols, Beatbox Giant LLC



Creating Enjoyable FrustrationCreating Enjoyable Frustration
March 11, 2015
Mike Selinker, Lone Shark Games Inc.



If It Isn't Fun, No One Will CareIf It Isn’t Fun, No One Will Care
April 1, 2015
Grant Roberts, E-Line Media



Gamers Succeed Where Scientists Don’tGamers Succeed Where Scientists Don’t
May 6, 2015
Seth Cooper, Northeastern University



Mental Health and Social Impact Are No GameMental Health and Social Impact Are No Game
June 3, 2015
Skyler Corbett, U of PDX Online Learning Development
Yori Kvitchko, Sleep Ninja Games



“Outside-In” Engagement: Identity Transformation and Agency in Digital Story Based Games“Outside-In” Engagement
July 8, 2015
Joshua Tanenbaum, Transformative Play Lab, University of California



CHIFOO Game Night CHIFOO Game Night!
August 6, 2015
9th Annual CHIFOO Member Appreciation Night



Online Story-Driven GamesOnline Story-Driven Games
September 2, 2015
Rym DeCoster, Fix Flyer, Geeknights, DateNighto



Games That Change Us (For the Better!)Games That Change Us (For The Better!)
October 7, 2015
Emily Treat, Games for Change



Immersive DesignImmersive Design
November 4, 2015
Paul Culp, Super Genius Studio & Rob LaCosse, Intel Games for Change