2012: Using Your Head (Eyes, Hands or Body): Interacting with Things Interacting with Us

  • 2012: Using Your Head (Eyes, Hands or Body): Interacting with Things Interacting with Us December 2, 2015 - Contemporary user interfaces play an important role both in shaping human behavior and affecting societal norms. They allow us to access the power of computers, but more importantly, they enable people from all walks of life to connect to each other. As revolutionary as the change from command-line to GUI was, every day new interfaces […]
  • Members Appreciation Party – November 7, 2012 - Featuring casual networking, non-alcoholic drinks and delicious food from Salvador Molly’s, and the famous CHIFOO raffle! For members only! Our November speaker bailed on us, so we’re throwing a party just for CHIFOO members. Join us for a night of casual chatter about our own projects, big ideas and inspirational insights. Not to mention it’s […]
  • Delight 2012 – A User Experience Workshop October 18, 2012 -
  • Location as an invisible interface – Amber Case October 3, 2012 - Amber will be presenting an information-packed speech on her experiences with geolocation, GPS, location triggers, and non-visual augmented reality. Amber will cover the current players in the geolocation market, the location market itself, and why location is such a big deal. Topics such as real-time location sharing, geolocation triggers, geonotes, proximal notification and automatic checkins, […]
  • Sit up Straight! – How Wearable Technology can Support Healthy Living – Janna Kimel September 5, 2012 - Have you ever wanted to send a hug from far away, automatically track your daily activity, or have your clothing correct your posture? What if your insulin delivery went from being a plastic shot in your pocket to a beautiful ring on your finger? How ubiquitous can pervasive technology really be?  We will look at […]
  • Sixth Annual CHI-Bowl Party – August 1, 2012 - Time for some hands-on interactions with things with holes in them. Please join us at the Sixth Annual CHI-Bowl event to bowl a few games or just drink a beer and socialize.
  • Behavior Change Systems for Healthy Living – John Weiss July 11, 2012 - John will present the creation of Behavior Change Systems for healthy living by exploring the following three essential areas:  (1) Theory—The Cognitive Psychology of Behavior Change, (2) Strategy—Systems Thinking Modeling (how you model ecosytems and values), and (3) Tactical—Examples of Behavior Change Systems (do’s/don’ts).
  • Beyond the Buzz…Feel the Game with ViviTouch™ – Tom Kridl June 13, 2012 - Why do gamers who usually demand the most cutting edge technology still accept the primitive buzzing technologies that do not recreate the real feel of the game? They must have not yet experienced what ViviTouch can add to their gaming experience. ViviTouch enables a gamer to experience thousands of sensations in a versatile language of […]
  • Mobile as Analytics for Life – Jeanne Turner May 2, 2012 - Julie is on an early morning training run. She has done some running over the last year, but this will be her first marathon. She doesn’t have a training partner, but a voice in her ear expertly nudges her on, while her mobile device records her pace, her route, and saves it to a training […]
  • Home Energy Monitoring and Management Systems (HEMS) – Emily Kemper April 4, 2012 - Up to 57 million smart meters are expected to be deployed in the United States in the next two decades, which presents an unprecedented opportunity for greater visibility into home energy use.  Smart meters themselves are not, however, customer-friendly portals, nor do they give utilities the option of communicating with their customers directly. This is […]


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