2009: Collaboration at Work: Putting the ‘Us’ in User Experience

  • 2009: Collaboration at Work: Putting the ‘Us’ in User Experience December 2, 2015 - One of the things that makes our field so rich is the multitude of disciplines that must converge to successfully create a new product. Regardless of how we may label our own roles, we are often called upon to work side by side with our fellow designers, engineers, researchers, business managers, and so on. This […]
  • (Dis)connecting Cultures: When Collaboration Technologies Are Not Enough – Sara Bly November 4, 2009 - Much work in collaboration has focused on task-specific activities.  The Media Space (a technologically-connected environment of audio and video) was counter to this trend in that it was always on and often peripheral to ongoing activity.  It successfully allowed collaboration in a research laboratory geographically split between Portland, OR, and Palo Alto, CA, spawning a […]
  • The Ebb and Flow of Activity Streams – Joshua Porter October 7, 2009 - Do you ever feel like you’re being hit with a firehose of information? In the last several years activity streams have infiltrated the enterprise collaboration space. While they promise to alleviate some of the frustrations of email and other communication software, they can also have some interesting side-effects (such as the “fire-hose effect”). In this […]
  • Making and Sharing Space: Design Success for Interaction and Industrial Designers – Gretchen Anderson September 2, 2009 - When designing products with both form and function aspects to them, a team of people with varied talents is required. Industrial designers and interaction designers must come together to create something that is holistic and cohesive. But our education, focus, and areas of expertise can be very different. This presentation will focus on how the […]
  • Reading and Collaborating in a Digital Age – Cathy Marshall July 8, 2009 - Reading is an inherently social experience: what we read and how we read it is shaped by who we know and the broader communities we belong to. With that in mind, Cathy will take a fresh look at the future of eBooks and how we get there from here. In particular, she will share some […]
  • Understanding, Fostering, and Supporting Cultures of Participation – Gerhard Fischer June 3, 2009 - A culture’s penchant for participation is not dictated by technology; rather, it is the result of changes in human behavior and social organization including innovative design, adoption, appropriation, and adaptation of technologies to their needs. In this talk, Gerhard will share some of his experiences designing and assessing socio-technical environments for cultures of participation. His […]
  • All Together Now: Blending Interaction Design and Agile Development Techniques – Lane Halley, Cooper & Jeff Patton, Agile Product Design May 7, 2009 - Full-Day Workshop – Come join Lane Halley and Jeff Patton for a fast-paced day of fun and learning. Through a combination of lecture and hands-on exercises, you will increase your understanding of both User-Centered Design (UCD) and Agile methods and gain useful techniques you can use immediately.
  • Making Sense of User-Centered Design and Agile – Lane Halley, Cooper & Jeff Patton, Agile Product Design May 6, 2009 - Love it or hate it, everyone seems to be talking about Agile. Agile is used at scrappy startups that are iteratively defining their products and markets and at large companies with complex business problems working with internationally distributed teams. In each of these different settings, some folks are strong advocates of Agile, while some are […]
  • Design Principles of Wiki – Ward Cunningham April 1, 2009 - Born in Portland thirteen years ago, Wiki technology and the communities it supports have grown to disruptive proportions in business, education, collaboration, politics, and even intelligence. In this talk, the inventor of this technology relates Wiki’s founding motivation, design principles, and early impact. He turns then to the modern web, the technical and social challenges […]
  • Agile Retrospectives: Collaboration for Continuous Improvement – Diana Larsen March 4, 2009 - Software teams experience what goes right and what goes wrong, what works and what doesn’t, during each and every day of each and every project. What happens to that hard-earned experience? In too many organizations, on too many projects, it dissipates as team members shift focus and move on to the next project or chunk […]

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