2002: Towards a New Information Architecture

  • 2002: Towards a New Information Architecture December 2, 2015 - It seems that anyone who can letter a shingle can hang it out and claim to be an “Information Architect (IA).” What level of competence and professional background should we expect from a person claiming the title of “Information Architect?” Is Information Architecture a significant new field important for businesses in the 21st century, or […]
  • CHI, IA, UE/X: How does the alphabet soup taste so far in 2002? – Keith Instone September 17, 2002 - What are this year’s trends in human-computer interaction, information architecture, usability engineering and user experience? What has happened so far this year in human-computer interaction, information architecture, usability engineering and user experience? Keith will review what he has seen and has not seen, such as how user experience is being accepted by business, how information […]
  • Teaching Information Architecture – Lynn Boyden August 20, 2002 - IA and Library Information Science complement and reinforce each other. Lynn describes the major streams that inform both fields and prospects for the future. Since the dotcom bubble burst, the practice of teaching Information Architecture in the context of a graduate program in librarianship has changed. In 2000, students were eyeing fat salaries and multiple […]
  • IA: A communicator’s perspective – Jean Richardson, Connie Betz, Gail Toft-Vizzini, Dick Miller, Susan Caney-Peterson July 17, 2002 - Professional communicators bring their specialty’s expertise to bear on the topic of information architecture in a lively discussion of problems and solutions as they move into information architecture roles.
  • Architecture of bricks and clicks – Fu-tien Chiou June 19, 2002 - How do traditional architecture and information architecture practices differ in the areas of the physical/web environments, building/site types, occupants/users, components, and design methodologies? This presentation will examine the similarities and differences between traditional architecture and information architecture practices in the areas of Physical and web environments Building and web site types Occupants and users Constructive […]
  • User Research All the Time: Integrating User Research into Project Implementation – Marijke Rijsberman May 22, 2002 - Team-based ethnography grounds IA and interaction design in an increasingly thorough and evolving understanding of users, the work they do, and the evolution of their work in response to new technologies and information tools. User research has long been practiced as part of the interaction design methodology for internal systems development. The rise of intranets […]
  • Telepresence—the next internet – Cliff Schinkel April 17, 2002 - Interactive “presence” involves both gathering sensory input and delivering your influence upon it. Cliff describes the Internet’s Level 2 potential. As companies build bandwidth and processing power with huge capacities, the nature of streaming media will evolve with it. The capture and display devices at the ends of the pipeline will evolve too. Human interaction […]
  • Who Do You Really Work For: The end user or those who pay you? – Mary Lukanuski March 19, 2002 - Who are our real clients – the end users or those who pay us? How do we serve our employer’s business needs and brand while creating the most elegant user experience/IA? What happens when our employers have a different vision of the “user experience”? Mary Lukanuski will explore the contractual, ethical and practical difficulties of […]
  • Panel: Something Old, Something New? – February 20, 2002 - Speakers: Mary Devlin, Mary Devlin Associates Eva Miller, Multnomah County Library Allyson Carlyle, The Information School, University of Washington Librarians have been organizing information and making it accessible for a very long time. What have librarians learned about the structure of information and user interfaces that would benefit information architecture? Is there a philosophical underpinning […]
  • Point/Counterpoint: What’s the Big IA? – Christina Wodtke, Carbon IQ; George Olsen, Interaction By Design January 15, 2002 - Should an IA run the show? George Olsen and Christina Wodtke, two of the emerging IA community?s noisiest voices, debate the place of the IA in a company’s organization. Is the formal role of an Information Architect even needed? Should there be a Chief Information Architect? What does the IA do exactly and why is […]

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