2001: Individual Topics

  • 2001: Individual Topics December 2, 2015 - Industry professionals explore different UX and HCI topics.
  • Concrete Aspects of Information Architecture: IA Tools and Approaches – Lisa Boleyn, Independent IA; Sabrina Jetton, Ziba Design October 16, 2001 - Date: October 16, 2001 Speaker: Lisa Boleyn, Independent IA; Sabrina Jetton, Ziba Design —  Information Architecture may exist in many of our minds as a nebulous ideology applied using esoteric means. Sabrina Jetton and Lisa Boleyn clarify the enigmatic nature of the implementation of information architecture by describing information architecture’s deliverables and explaining how to interpret them. […]
  • Towards a New Architecture – Leo Frishberg September 19, 2001 - Date: September 19, 2001 Speaker: Leo Frishberg — Phase II A lively introduction to the series highlighting the current confusions about this emerging discipline.
  • Panel Discussion: Website Accessibility – August 22, 2001 - As of June 21, 2001, Federal agencies must make websites accessible to people with vision impairments, hearing problems, limited dexterity and other disabilities. Section 508, an amendment to the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, mandates that people with disabilities be given access to government information, including through websites, as easily as anyone else. The Act also […]
  • Design Principles for Wiki Style Online Communities – Ward Cunningham, software developer and business consultant June 20, 2001 - Date: June 20, 2001 Speaker: Ward Cunningham, software developer and business consultant —  The Talk Wiki is a web site written by its users. The site and the software were created by Ward Cunningham for the Portland Pattern Repository. It is home to an Informal History of Programming Ideas, as well as a large volume of related […]
  • Visual Dialogues: The Future of Photography on the Web – Geoffrey Hiller May 24, 2001 - Date: May 24, 2001 Speaker: Geoffrey Hiller —  The Talk Photography is a 170-year old art form that is ready to burst upon the digital arena. In his presentation, Hiller will talk about expanding the dialogue beyond the nuts and bolts of developing Web content, to show how the language of photography can inspire Web designers. He […]
  • Techniques in Rapid Prototyping – Joe Auer May 24, 2001 - Date: May 24, 2001 Speaker: Joe Auer —  The Talk Have you ever created a prototype that looked so complete that customers believed they were looking at a finished product? Have you ever wanted to quickly explain a complex software task to a remote client or user? This presentation discusses some ideas for rapid prototyping – creating […]
  • Overcoming Barriers to Usability A Panel Discussion – Panel Discussion April 18, 2001 - THE PANELISTS Jon Meads, Moderator Jon Meads is a world renowned rugby-playing, beer expert working in the field of human-computer interaction where he has demonstrated a special affinity to the emotional needs of computers. As a human factors expert, his chief contribution to the field has been the provision of an outside view undistorted by […]
  • Predictive Engineering Models of Interface Usability – Anthony Hornof March 21, 2001 - The same way that engineers in other disciplines build models to predict how their systems will perform when turned loose in the real world, interface designers can also build engineering models to predict aspects of usability before they conduct time-consuming and expensive user observation studies. Methodologies already exist for routine construction of such models, referred […]
  • Through the Users’ Eyes Using Participatory Design to Refine Your Product Definition – Kristine Maneely, Medscape, Inc., and Beverly Arnoldy, Usability Consultant February 20, 2001 - What does your product development team do when they are presented with a high-level product definition? If they are typical, they probably start determining what is technically possible – assuming that if they can provide functionality, the customers will figure out how to use it. By the time the usability professionals are consulted, the product […]

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