1998: Individual Topics

  • 1998: Individual Topics December 2, 2015 - Industry professionals explore different UX and HCI topics.
  • Of Mice and Menus: The Eye Is Faster Than the Hand – Erik Nilsen, Associate Professor of Psychology December 17, 1998 - What are you thinking right now? Consider how you formed that thought. Do you know? How could anyone know? Is the mind too complex to be understood by itself? A Unified Theory of Cognition has been the holy grail of cognitive psychology for more than two dozen years. Such a theory would model thinking, describing […]
  • Portland Traffic Signals User Interface – Paul Zebell And Bill Kloos November 19, 1998 - Paul Zebell And Bill Kloos Explain The User Interface Of The Portland Traffic Signal System Paul Zebell, Bill Kloos, and their colleagues in the Bureaus of Maintenance and Traffic Management maintain, modify, and repair the approximately 1,000 traffic signals at controlled intersections throughout the city. Paul and Bill work with police, inspectors, citizens, traffic engineers, […]
  • Kid Pix Author & Professor Of Visual Design – Craig Hickman October 1, 1998 - Craig Hickman, author of Kid Pix, will speak about the design of software and design for children. Where do ideas for software come from? When it comes to software design, do simplicity and clarity always fight against whimsy and wit? Can programming be art? Can software design be beautiful? These are some of the questions […]
  • Usability Lab Tour – Tom Cocklin, Senior Human Factors Engineer June 25, 1998 - Date: June 25, 1998 Speaker: Tom Cocklin, Senior Human Factors Engineer — Hewlett-Packard Tom Cocklin opens his state-of-the-art usability laboratory for our inspection on Thursday, June 25th. The lab features a spacious “office,” the ever-popular two-way mirror, a gallery for observers, and a control room to die for. Learn how usability tests get designed, scheduled, run, and analyzed […]
  • Visualizing Software Tools: Designing the Task Centered Interface – Kevin Mullet, Human Interface Architect May 14, 1998 - In recent years it has become increasingly commonplace to hear software professionals professing their dedication to the principles of “user-centered design,” and indeed, a general conciousness-raising toward the needs of everyday users does seem to be taking place within the development community. Executives now call routinely for “ease of use” as a competitive differentiator, and […]
  • Nuts and Bolts: Usability Testing Demystified – Beverly Arnoldy April 20, 1998 - You’ve read the book, you’ve seen the movie. Now, experience it for yourself. Join us as we demonstrate a real usability test! Under the guidance of Beverly Arnoldy, usability consultant, you’ll learn how to prepare for a test, execute the test, and analyze the data.
  • Information Appliances – Donald Norman February 12, 1998 - Why the PC is so complex, Why it can’t be changed and Why Information Appliances are the Solution
  • Dead or Alive: Requirements before Design – David Churchill January 21, 1998 - Date: January 21, 1998 Speaker: David Churchill — Director of Marketing Design, Service & Test Business Unit, Tektronix, Inc. The ability to design a good User Interface is finally gaining recognition as a product development core competency. But products are still released only to receive immediate criticism for their poor interface designs. Many times this is a direct […]

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