1997: Individual Topics

  • 1997: Individual Topics December 2, 2015 - Industry professionals explore different UX and HCI topics.
  • Draining the Data Swamp: Actually Getting Information from All Those Videotapes – Philip Tennyson, Helen Slack-Miller, David Stubbs December 3, 1997 - You finally got your boss to authorize extensive usability testing but you’re not sure what kind of equipment to use.You’re staring at a huge pile of tapes with 50 hours of recorded data and wondering how you’re going to get the information from them without watching them all yourself.You know you’ve got the data but […]
  • The Inmates are Running the Asylum – Alan Cooper November 13, 1997 - Alan Cooper is called ‘The Father of Visual Basic’ for his invention of the visual programming interface that became the popular Microsoft product. He is the author of About Face: The Essentials of User Interface Design, published by IDG Books. Cooper’s other credits include Computer Associates’ SuperProject, and MicroPhone II for Windows. Cooper is a […]
  • Machine-Centered vs. Worker-Centered Design – October 8, 1997 - Feature Presentation: Two videos demonstrate the strong contrasts between the Ameriican machine/data/efficiency centered approach to work design and the worker-centered, cooperative design methods used in Scandanavia. A bibliography will be provided.
  • Intellectual Property – Erik Anderson May 6, 1997 - Date: May 6, 1997 Speaker: Erik Anderson — Hewlett-Packard Intellectual Property can be thought of as a person or company’s intangible property rights. Erik Anderson, Intellectual Property attorney, will present the basic concepts of this evolving field for hardware/software developers, designers, and usability professionals. He will talk about the state of the laws today and how they apply […]
  • Product Design Field Studies—A Three-Part Series – Sara Bly, Tony Salvador, Gene Lynch, and Sue Palmiter March 3, 1997 - Date: March 3, 1997 Speaker: Sara Bly, Tony Salvador, Gene Lynch, and Sue Palmiter —  CHIFOO presents an in depth discussion of the role field work plays in product design from three perspectives. You’ll see the three different approaches that have evolved for the series presenters. Each approach has proven successful and will be of benefit to […]

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