2007: Mind the Business: Promoting the Value of Your Work

  • 2007: Mind the Business: Promoting the Value of Your Work December 2, 2015 - Human-computer interaction (HCI) professionals and the companies that offer their services are increasingly being asked to quantify their value and their contribution to the bottom line. Despite all the buzz about ROI, when it comes down to it, many of us are still unsure how to make a solid sales pitch for our skills and […]
  • Show the Whole Story, Show how you Think – Bill DeRouchey and Tom Lakovic November 7, 2007 - We create portfolios to build trust. Prospective clients and potential employers need to feel confident that we can meet their needs. So we create portfolios to show what we have already done in order to communicate what we can do. The problem is we’re only showing the end of the story.  Clients and employers need […]
  • Repositioning User Experience as a Strategic Process – Jon Innes, Augmentum; Liam Friedland, Informatica October 3, 2007 - It is ironic that the UX profession often fails miserably when it comes to describing the value of our deliverables to business leaders. Are we not supposed to be experts in thinking about the end user? This talk will explore a three-level framework for thinking about UX, with the goal of helping practitioners define a […]
  • Selling Creative Solutions to Clients – Panel Discussion September 5, 2007 - How do you convince a client that a comprehensive usability study is the best approach to diagnosing their product’s problems? How can you approach your customer about optimizing processes in the face of long-standing political opposition? Whether you define your client as someone within or outside your organization, you likely run into challenges such as […]
  • CHI-BOWL Social – August 1, 2007 - Come join in this special, once-a-year CHIFOO program event held in concert with the IxDA crowd.
  • The Shifting Role of Design – Luke Wroblewski July 11, 2007 - In an increasing number of companies the role of design is changing dramatically from mere styling to a core ingredient of product strategy and innovation. But what’s behind this shift? Why are designers previously tasked only with “making things pretty” being invited to the corporate strategy table?
  • Making the Invisible Visible: The Problem with doing Good Work – Martha Cotton June 6, 2007 - There frequently is a frustrating phenomenon of one particular aspect of the kind of work user researchers do: When you do your job well, what you have illuminated about a user experience becomes so instantly accepted by either the client or design team (or both), that all the rigor and effort that went into getting […]
  • Cascade ACM SIGGRAPH and CHIFOO present: Visual Communication – Liz Bacon, Devise; Sabrina Jetton, Portland Community College; Wendie Siverts, FlatHED, Inc.; Catherine Veraghen, White Horse May 9, 2007 - In this co-sponsored event, local experts will discuss the role of visual communication when it comes to effectively selling our services. Panelists representing various disciplines (including graphic design, interaction design, multimedia design, and industrial design) will compare visual communication approaches as they apply in agency settings, corporations, and academia. Topics will include: How we as […]
  • Ethnography-based Work for Business in Emerging Markets – Dr. Tony Salvador April 4, 2007 - Businesses are increasingly relying on ethnographic-based work to catalyze new technology markets within “emerging market” countries. This talk will draw on examples from Tony’s experience in regions such as the Middle East, India, China, and South America to highlight how this research impacts the bottom line.
  • Designing Persuasive Documents – Carrie Gilbert March 7, 2007 - As HCI practitioners, we may not always align ourselves with the role of Salesperson. But many of us are increasingly being asked to do just that. We are in the business of selling ideas, whether we are encouraging senior management to sponsor a new initiative, or convincing clients of the merits of a design solution. […]

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